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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Maxwell Research

I feel like I've hit a wall on my Maxwell line research.  Getting further back in time is a challenge for me right now.  I almost think that I need to hire someone to find my Maxwell roots in Ireland.  The farthest back that I've been able to get on this line is to the marriage of my 3rd Great Grandparents, Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Judith Shaffrey, on September 24, 1834.  Their parents are not indicated in the marriage record.  The witnesses to their marriage were Roggan McMahon and John Shaffrey.  The marriage took place at St. Mary's in Moynalty, Meath, Ireland.

The church records have other clues about the Maxwell's.  For example, the baptism of Catherine Maxwell indicates that Joseph Maxwell is from Shancarnan.   That is a townland right near Moynalty.  I do find others from Shancarnan.  In essence, it is a stone's throw from Moynalty and probably within walking distance to the church.  My Shaffrey ancestors definitely lived in Shancarnan.  I am not sure about my Maxwell's though.

I found Bill Maxwell expressing is "Profession of Faith" on 24 June 1831 at St. Mary's, Moynalty.  I just can't seem to go back further than Bill and Joseph Maxwell in Moynalty.  Were these two related?  Maybe they were brothers.  My records indicate that Joseph's father was James Maxwell born 1786 in Scotland.  That is an unsourced bit of information.  I want to prove this information but have been thinking that I might actually end up disproving it if I find the correct source documents.  That is not my goal, however.  I find it much more comforting to have a full name to associate with my 4th Great Grandfather.

My online hunt for Maxwell's in Meath near Moynalty does not turn up much.  What does crop up every time are results for the Maxwell's of Farnhan in County Cavan.  All of the various Maxwell earls of Farnham pop up in searches on the internet.  My issue is that my Maxwell's were not of wealth.  If they were of wealth, political leadership, or landowners, the history has escaped me.

I did find a link online to a sort of Maxwell genealogy:  Stirnet

The above link is information about all of the Maxwell's from the following locations and it is all run together.

Maxwell of Ballyrolly, Maxwell of Calderwood,
Maxwell of Farnham (co. Cavan), Maxwell of Finnnebrogue

I've debated on copying the information and probably should.  Right now, I've passed but did search though the names a bit.

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