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Saturday, February 15, 2020

McLaughlin's and More 2020

Sometimes I forget I have a blog out here about genealogy until someone contacts me about a family line found on this site.  I recently received a message over about my McLaughlin line.  I haven't worked on that line in years.  I gave up a long time ago on finding the exact location and connection back to Ireland.  Sure, the family history handed down over the years indicates that they were from County Longford.  Yes, proving this with source documentation has been skimpy at best.  I had spent some time on updating this family tree at one time.  I also have looked over DNA matches.  Relating to this line, I always find the people I expect to find.  I can usually identify that they come from this line too at least to 4th cousin matches on exceedingly long list of DNA matches.  It is actually dizzying how may DNA matches one does have on  Anyway, I think I will clean up my Irish Settlement index a bit and fix links so people can actually find what I posted.  My goal has always been to post it online rather than stash it way in a drawer, a box, or even on some hard drive where it might all get lost in time!