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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gartland Fox Families - Part 2

Back on October 14, 2010, I posted information about the Gartland-McLaughlin marriages in Newport, New York, at the Irish Settlement.  That information has good solid sourcing as does the fact that James Gartland was still living in Newport, New York, in 1870 at the age of 93.  He was living with his daughter, Mary Ellen Gartland McLaughlin, and son-in-law, James McLaughlin, with some of their children.  My great-great grandfather, Thomas Michael McLaughlin  and his brother James were already out of the household by then.  In fact, Thomas was already in or headed to Nevada by then. 

My McLaughlin information is so easy to find and track because another researcher already pieced all of the information together.  Since I know where to look, I can find the McLaughlin's easily in U.S. Census data.  What about my Gartland's and Fox's?  I guess I am going to give it a try and piece the information together.  Let's see how far I get.  It could take a while.

When I search Ireland for Gartlan's or Gartland's, I find them in County Monaghan.  I specifically find references to Gartlan's in Carrickmacross.  There is no doubt that a Google Search places that name in that location even today.

What's more interesting is what I found next:

Graveyard / Cemetery / Burial Ground / Kabristan

Fox Margaret Aghnamullen Church of Ireland County Monaghan
Fox Margaret J Aghnamullen Church of Ireland County Monaghan
Fox Mary Latton RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Michael Lisiniksy RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Owen Lisiniksy RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Patrick Latton RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Patrick Latton RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Peter Latton RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Stella Lisiniksy RC Chapel County Monaghan
Fox Susan Latton RC Chapel County Monaghan
Gartlan Alice Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan Bryan Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan Daniel Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan James Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan James Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan John Killahear Graveyard County Monaghan
Gartlan Owen Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan Patrick Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan
Gartlan Sylvester Donaghmoyne Church County Monaghan

So this is not the only site I found that has Gartlan and Fox information.  The information online is almost overwhelming and difficult to work through.  Are any of these Fox's and Gartlan's my ancestors?  I have no idea.  They all come up on the same page though.  That's a coincidence for sure.... or is it?  The Gartlan's/Gartland's and Fox's are sure to have known each other in Ireland. 

What happens next?  I need to carve out some time to look through what is available online and see if I can find someone who knows the connection that the Gartlan's/Gartland's and Fox's have from Ireland to Newport, New York.  In this case, I think records still exist just based on the sheer volume that you can find online.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gartland Fox Families - Part 1

Back in May of this year, I found an email address on a site connected to a history site for Newport, New York.  It had the surname of Fox indicated.  I looked over my family tree and found a Hannah Fox married to James Gartland (Gartlan).  Hannah and James Gartland's daughter was Mary Ellen Gartland McLaughlin.  She married James McLaughlin at the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York in 1838.  Mary Ellen had two known siblings - Frank and Hugh Gartland.  They were all living in the Newport, New York area after immigrating in 1824 from Ireland.

What I find interesting about this family is that I quickly found the Gartland's and Fox's in Newport, New York, identified the two marriages of the Gartland's into the McLaughlin line, and found more of the Fox family living in the area too around the same time.  My research came to a screeching halt for these lines because I was very focused on the spelling of the Gartland name.  Census information has it spelled as Gartlan as do some notes that I have.  When I jump to Ireland to complete research, I find the name spelled as Gartlan.  Other researchers of this family line stateside have indicated that it is Gartland.  Even a McLaughlin indicated that it is spelled with a 'd' on the end in official records.  Maybe the 'd' was added after they immigrated to the U.S.

Anyway, I think that I am back on track with this line.  Now that I'm spelling it with a 'd' on the end on, I have loads of hints to go through.  I'm not quite ready to jump in and run with all of those hints though.  I need to review what I've learned up until now.

From the Fox family line, I found a descendant online who indicated Hannah's brother was Thomas Fox.  There may have been another sister but she was not sure of her name.  The information that has been passed down by word of mouth in the Fox family is that Hannah Fox and James Gartland came from County Monaghan.  When Hannah's brother, Thomas, died in 1858 in Newport, NY, Hugh Gartland (James' and Hannah's son) helped Thomas' widow, Nancy, with probate and signed his name on the documents.  Thomas Fox was Catholic.  He donated money to help build Old St. John's Church in nearby Utica, NY.  Thomas may have worked on the Erie Canal.  He bought 50 acres of land in Newport, NY in 1836.  Thomas' wife was Nancy Davis.  Thomas Fox is buried in the Irish Settlement Cemetery.  There is also a Michael Fox buried there who could be a brother of Thomas and Hannah.  The information for the Fox family is "kind of" sourced.  At least there are marked graves that can be located in Herkimer County.

The next bit of information that I've gathered about Hannah Fox and James Gartland is rather sketchy and unsourced.  I can't actually recall where I got some of this information.  I do know that a McLaughlin researcher identified James Gartland and Hannah Fox as Mary Ellen Gartland's (the wife of James McLaughlin) parents.  I should state that I have definitely found James Gartland in Newport, New York.  I have him on 4 U.S. Census from 1830-1870.  I really need to source my Fox information though.  I have nothing for Hannah right now.

The sketchy information that I do have is as follows:

James Gartland  b:  1777  Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
                         arrival:  1824
                         d:  After 1870 because he shows up in the 1870 census at age 93

Hannah Fox  b:   1785  Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
                    arrival:  1824
                    d:    9 Feb 1850 Newport, New York

So where to go next.............

Friday, October 29, 2010

Marcella McLaughlin

Marcella, who were you?  You were married to Michael McLaughlin making you Marcella McLaughlin but what was your maiden surname?

Marcella was born in Ireland around 1792.  Her father's first name may have been Maurice (pronounced Morris).  Her husband was Michael McLaughlin who was born in the Parish of Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, Ireland, in 1785.  Their three known children were Thomas Newman, James M., and Mary.  They were all born in Edgeworthstown between 1814-1820.  The specific location may be Ringowny, County Longford, Ireland.  In 1823, the family immigrated to the U.S. via Canada to Newport, New York.

I find Marcella McLaughlin in the U.S. Census for 1850, 1870, and 1880 plus the NY State Census.  The best information about Marcella that I can gather from these documents is confirmation of her husband, children, location in New York, and that she and her parents' birthplace was Ireland. 

So who was Marcella McLaughlin?  I have heard that there is speculation about what her maiden was.  I need to ask my fellow McLaughlin researchers what those speculated names are.  I am going to take a guess that one might be Newman.  That is the middle name of the oldest child that I know of --- Thomas Newman McLaughlin.  Newman is a name with Irish origins.  Thomas' son was Thomas Newman McLaughlin, Jr.  Is this my answer?  Was her maiden name Newman?

At this point in time, Marcella's origins remain a mystery.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


In my quest to trace my family tree, I have found networking with others to be a key to my success.  While message boards are sometimes a futile source of information, the sheer contacts that can be made reviewing them can make the tour of these seemingly timeconsuming posts worth it. 

The Member Connect option on is a networking tool designed to bring people together who are seeking the same family tree information.  I find it to be quite effective.  How else would I have found my McLaughlin's, Maxwell's, and other descendants of Jack and Minnie Flanagan.

Another rather interesting consequence that can arise out of reviewing Member Connect is that you might find relatives or college professors borrowing your information.  I like to refer to it as "snooping around".  I mean that with the utmost respect, with a little humor thrown in, and as the bold researcher that I have become can appreciate that method.  The boldness is what gets you connected and can even connect a college professor to the owner of some source documents or letters, plus more stories of those who lived before us.

So I continue with my ultimate attempt at networking which includes this blog, my website, my Facebook site for this blog, and my internal network of family and relatives who have gathered and shared their research about our family lines.  I look upon my information online as a respository for anyone who is connected to my family tree or just interested in reading about my quest for more information about my ancestors.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Box of Treasures

Sterilite......Storage Box.....Ideal For Sweaters, Shirts, Lingerie.......16in.x11in.x6in.......1654...White...Made in U.S.A

With a lingering hint if cigarettes covered up by the scent of an envelop of lavender, my "box of treasures" is not remarkable in appearance by any means.  My Grandma was a heavy smoker so everything in my grandparents house smelled of cigarettes.  The box containing family tree information is no exception.  The smell is slowly subsiding though since it has been years since a cigarette was near the box.
I have not exactly exhausted all of the information in the box but am getting close after all of these months.  What remains for me to do is to go through the box once more, scan everything into the computer and photocopy everything for myself.  I should also create a CD to store away too.  Technically, the box belongs to my Mom and I should return it to her soon so that I may borrow the box that she has about my grandparents. 
It would be so wonderful to go through the box about my grandparents, Richard Joseph Flanagan and Dorothy Marie Borchers.  The issue that I know I will have in looking through that information is the emotional response.  That information will probably only generate a few posts.  I have discovered that it is hard for me to write about people that I knew well. 
I do have some photos and am trying to figure out the best way to place them in my blog or on  I have posted the majority of the the loose photos on Ancestry.  I also have photo albums.  Another project is to figure out the best method of duplicating these photos without removing them from the albums.  These projects will most definitely take me away from my daily blog posts.  For now, I think I have more to write about.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

O'Brien's And The Curious Message Board Post

So have I reached a dead end with my O'Brien Family line?  Will I be able to find Kate Flanagan's (Catherine Mary O'Brien) family in Ireland?  Or in Australia?  I wonder.  I've posted on various message boards online and haven't really gotten anywhere.  I think I found my O'Brien's on an Australian passenger list, recently.  That information still begs for more information. 

O'Brien is a fairly common Irish surname.  It is extremely common in the Castleconnell area of County Limerick, Ireland.  I think that there is even a bridge named after an O'Brien in Castleconnell.  I've tried to research my O'Brien family line on the internet but have found much difficulty in doing so.  Not only is O'Brien a common Irish name but apparently there are a lot of Edmund (or Edmond) O'Brien's too from this area.  I am not sure visiting the location will turn up any new information.  I would love to at least drive through Castleconnell and see what it looks like.  It is, at least, the location where Kate was baptized.

Maybe I should be looking for the Gleeson's, or is it Gleason?  They must have been from this area too.  Anne Gleeson married Edmund O'Brien.  They had some children including Kate.  I only wish I knew more about this family unit.  It would certainly help in my research.

I know some information about Kate.  There is her reputation and her letters.  I still need to finish reading her letters.  They are full information.  Kate was pretty direct and even to the extent of being blunt.  She must have been quite the character and smart.  I am fascinated by her.  I believe one of my next projects will be to read all of her letters.

The other day I did receive a response to my message board post.  I find it rather curious. 

Re: Catherine Mary "Kate" O'Brien - Castleconnell, County Limerick, Ireland

Posted by: R.... C...... (ID *****9163) Date: September 26, 2010 at 13:40:43
In Reply to: Catherine Mary "Kate" O'Brien - Castleconnell, County Limerick, Ireland by K...E... of 4591
Hello K......:

For Cat(herine) O'Brien B 1843 (exact), Castleconnell RC parish, Co. Limerick, with the father's forename unknown, I found 10 rcds. None had a father forenamed E(dmond).
For Edmond/Edmund O'Brien M 1840 +/- 3 yrs, Co. Limerick, I found 5 rcds: 1837 Patrickswell RC, 1841 Murroe & Boher RC, 1841 Bruff RC, 1842 St John's CI, and 1843 Hosptial & Herbertstown RC parishes.
For Ann(e) Gleason M ditto, I found 4 rcds: 1839, 1841, 1841, and 1842. None are a match at the parish level with those for Edmond/Edmund.

The transcription of Co. Limerick B/M/D rcds is essentially complete. It is doubtful more will be discovered. It looks like the rcds for your ancestors didn't survive.

Sorry. Good luck.

I have some more questions for this person.  I so appreciate him looking up info.  I emailed him but have not heard back yet.  I find this information very curious.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flanagan Wingrove - Termonfechin to London

My mission still sits before me to push forward in time and locate the descendants of Richard Flanagan and Maria Cutler.  I've found Kathleen Anne Flanagan and Henry Wingrove.  I've also found Norman Richard Wingrove, Norah Kathleen Wingrove, and Eric Edwin Wingrove.  I am still rather stuck in 1911.  I have not really budged forward in time from then with any certainty.

Networking online and on message boards has proven itself to be a very effective way to get information about my other lines.  I've sent messages to other Wingrove family tree maintainers on but have not gotten anywhere or any information from them.

Lewisham appears to be a prime location to find some Wingroves.  This is where mine were living.  Also, St. John's Deptford is the Parish they attended.  I recently emailed the church.  They did get back to me indicating that they no longer maintain their old parish registries on site.  They turned the records over to the Metropolitan Archives in London because they were getting "mouldy".

I feel that this proverbial brick wall might continue for a while.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


My month long rampage to pull together all of my Maxwell information has proven itself to be quite the task.  My brother-in-law recently asked me how accurate the information that I've gathered is.  I told him that the further away from myself that I get, the less accurate the information becomes.  While it may only be small increments of inaccuracy along the way, by the time I get to distant cousin's it can be sketchy at best.

After getting over the shock that I might actually be of Scottish descent, I reminded myself that really is to be expected with the Irish.  I have been wondering how far back I'd have to go to find a Brit or Scot who came to Ireland and married into my Irish family line and were, essentially, assimilated into being Irish.  You've got to love that! certainly has a lot of information.  I still need to complete some good sourcing for many of the those on my Maxwell line.  The line probably appears rather unsourced for the James Maxwell of Scotland.  It is.  Where James Maxwell was from in Scotland and who his immediate family was, is a bit of a mystery right now for this Maxwell line.  I do have plenty of source information for his son, Joseph Patrick Maxwell, who married Judith Shaffrey in Moynalty, had children, and immigrated to the U.S. 

Once stateside, it is easy to find people in the U.S. Census.  The 1940 U.S. Census should be available in 2012.  This will help source more current generations on my family tree including the Maxwell's.  Citing source information is a rather critical step in creating one's family tree.  I have source information but need to spend sometime citing it against those on my tree.  I'm sure that would improve the accuracy.

I do have more tidbits of information about my Maxwell's including their various occupations.  Let's just say there are lots of farmers and teachers in this Maxwell Line.  I'm sure that there is more to come with this family line.

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 6

1  James Maxwell...........2   Joseph Patrick Maxwell

     3   Judith Maxwell b: 15 Jun 1851 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
         d:  10 Apr 1908  Newport, New York
         +Patrick J McEvoy  b:  Nov 1845  Ireland   m:  1878  Newport, NY 
          d:  1937  Herkimer Co., NY
            4   Anna A McEvoy  b:  Aug 1878  Newport, New York  
                 d:  1943  Newport, New York  
            4   Dennis Michael McEvoy  b:  1880  Rome, New York 
                 d:  1961  Newport, New York
                 +Arlene M  b:  1896   d:  1984  Newport, New York
            4   James P McEvoy  b:  30 Nov 1881  Newport, New York   
                 d:  24 Jan 1962  Newport, New York     
     3   Bedelia Maxwell b: 12 Dec 1852 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland 
          d:  Unknown
          +Michael O'Dowd
    3    Anna Maxwell b: 1854 Schuyler, Herkimer County, New York   
          d: 8 Jan 1886 Newport, New York
          +Jeremiah Murphy b: Fairfield, New York
            4   Julia Murphy  b:  Nov 1873  d:  Jul 1926
            4   James Eugene Murphy  b:  5 May 1878  New York   
                 d: 1955  Herkimer, NY
            4   Mary A Murphy  b:  Jan 1880  Fairfield, New York  
                 d:  Dec 1969  Newport, New York
            4   Jeremiah William Murphy   b: 28 Jun 1883  Fairfield, New York   
                 d: 14 Nov 1964  Herkimer, New York                             
            4   Dennis J Murphy  b:  1885   d:  1942  Newport, New York
                +Louise Burgonthawl  b:  1891  d:  1970  Newport, New York
           Maxwell/O'Harriet Children:
     3    Sarah Maxwell b: abt 1867 New York d: 1901 Newport, New York
     3    John Maxwell b: abt 1870 New York

If anyone has additional information on the lines above, let me know.  I have presently exhausted my information on this line.  I do have source information retained in the original document. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 5

1  James Maxwell..............2  Joseph Patrick Maxwell...........

  3 Catherine Maxwell  b: 7 Jul 1849 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
     d: Napa, CA
     +Philip S Duffy b: 1833 Ireland m: 15 Oct 1872 Austin, Nevada
       d: 21 Apr 1915 Napa, CA

       4 Ellen Duffy b: 19 Dec 1874 Austin, Nevada
          d: Before 1920 Napa, CA
          +Thomas S Malloy b: 9 Jul 1868 Nevada
             d: 28 Nov 1943 Napa, CA

           5  Philip Thomas Malloy b: 5 Apr 1910
               d: 1 Feb 1978 Napa, CA

           5  Thomas E Malloy b: 28 Feb 1911 Napa, CA
               d: 22 Jan 1941 San Francisco, CA

               6 Living Malloy's (Unknown/undisclosed online)

        4  Philip J Duffy b: 11 Oct 1876 Lander County, NV
            d: 2 Feb 1942 Napa, CA

        4  Dennis M Duffy b: 25 Apr 1879 Nevada
            d: 16 May 1944 San Francisco, CA
            +Mary b: abt 1880 Nevada

        4  Owen Michael Duffy b: 15 Nov 1884 Nevada
            d: 7 Nov 1953 Napa, CA
            +Mary E b: abt 1885 Texas

            5  Owen Duffy b: 26 Nov 1909 Napa, CA 
                d:  28 May 1994  Napa, CA

            5  Philip G Duffy b: 25 Feb 1914 Napa, CA
                d: 29 Oct 2000 Palo Alto, CA

        4 Agnes Anne Duffy b: 1 Sep 1892 Austin, NV

It took me quite a while to piece together where the Malloy's fit in with my Maxwell/Duffy cousins.  I finally figured it out on  Ellen Duffy was their mother and she must have died rather young.  I find her son's living with their grandparents out at the Duffy Ranch in Napa circa 1910. populates the family tree incorrectly off the U.S. Census mixing and matching the grandchildren with one of their uncles.  It took me a while to figure that mistake out.  Once I fixed it, I had to figure out who the Malloy's mother was.  It was Ellen Duffy.

I find myself in a bit of quandary when it comes to the Duffy's.  I have limited information about the actual members of the family tree.  The line on looks very incomplete.  I know that there are still Malloy's living in Napa.  I've been hoping to bump into a Duffy or Malloy researcher on  They did research their tree.  At least one descendant visited with my grandfather years ago about the family connection.  He gave my grandfather Duffy/Maxwell information.  I think my mom went to high school with a Malloy, too!

So where do I go from here on the Maxwell/Duffy line?  I have information but am not sure about the family line.  I also have some very strong evidence that the Duffy's connect to Newport, New York and the Irish Settlement.  I also think that some Duffy's moved to Montello, WI and married into the McLaughlin line that went there too. 

Will a Duffy or Malloy researcher please stand up?  I hope to find one someday.  I do know that there is a Duffy descendant still probably living at the Duffy property in Napa.  Maybe I should quit being so shy and write them a letter.  There is definitely more information to discover here.

To be continued................

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 4

1  James Maxwell..........2  Joseph Patrick Maxwell.......

   3 Ellen Maxwell b: 22 Mar 1846 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
      d: Sep1928 Napa, CA
      +Thomas Michael McLaughlin b: Newport, New York
         m:  5 Jan 1869  Newport, New York
          d:  5 Feb 1926  Napa, CA

      4 Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin b: Austin, Nevada, 17 May 1870
         d: Carmel, California, 12 Jun 1949
         +John “Jack” Francis Flanagan  b: 19 Feb 1878, Napa, CA
            m: 1 Sep 1904 Napa, California
            d:  20 May 1936 Napa, CA

         5  Ellen Maxwell Flanagan b: 29 Jun 1905 Napa, CA
             d: 28 Sep 1988 Monterey County, CA

         5 Catherine Veronica Flanagan b: 8 May 1908 Napa, CA
            d: 4 Apr 1995 Pebble Beach, CA
            +Joseph Bertram Fratessa b: 30 Mar 1907 San Francisco, CA
              d: 1 Feb 1982 Salinas, CA

              6 Living Fratessa's (undisclosed online)

          5 Robert Francis Flanagan b: 19 Aug 1910 Napa, CA
             d: 1 Jan 1979 Ross, CA
             +Charlotte Murray

              6 Living Flanagan's (undisclosed online)

          5 Richard Joseph Flanagan b: 29 Oct 1912 Napa, CA
             d: 29 Oct 2000 Napa, CA
             +Dorothy Marie Borchers b: 7 Jan 1921 Napa, CA
               m: 7 Nov 1940 Reno, NV
               d: 24 Oct 1997 Napa, CA

               6 Living Flanagan's (undisclosed online)

           5 John Maxwell Flanagan b: 4 Jul 1916 Napa, CA
              d: 24 Oct 1994 Burlingame, CA
              +Living Spouse

              6 Living Flanagan's (undisclosed online)

        4 Ellen M McLaughlin b: 5 Oct 1872 Austin, Nevada
           d: abt 1938 San Francisco, CA
           +Albert Bluford Heflin b: 12 Feb 1864 Nodaway, MO
              m: 10 Nov 1892 Napa, CA d: 13 Oct 1936 Napa, CA

           5 Stella C Heflin b: 20 Jun 1896 Napa, CA
              d: 2 Feb 1981 Napa, CA
              +Leigh Wiemers b: 30 Jul 1893 Utah m: 30 Jun 1921 Napa, CA
                d: 19 Aug 1975 Napa, CA

               6 Living Wiemer's (undisclosed online)

          5 Albert T Heflin b: 27 May 1902 San Francisco, CA
             d: 9 Jan 1957 Treka, CA

          5 Robert J Heflin b: 28 Dec 1904 Napa, CA
             d: 4 Dec 1963 Fresno, CA

          5 Dorothy Louvisa Heflin b: 19 May 1907 Napa, CA
             d: 30 Aug 1996 Loma Linda, CA
             +Oliver William Murphy b: 25 May 1907 Fort Bayard, NM
                m: 26 Nov 1930 d: Oct 1942 March AFB, CA

              6 Living Murphy's (Unknown/undisclosed online)

       4  Catherine W McLaughlin b: 10 Dec 1874 Austin, Nevada
           d: Dec 1925 Napa, CA

       4  Joseph Maxwell McLaughlin b: 19 May 1877 d: Vacaville, CA
           +Henrietta Trailer b: abt 1886

           5 Robert C McLaughlin b: abt 1924

           5 McLaughlin b: abt 1929

       4 Anna Agnes McLaughlin b: 25 Aug 1879 Austin, Nevada
          d: Feb 1930 Dunsmuir, CA
          +John James Lewis b: 19 Nov 1876 Fort Jones, CA
            m: 1909 Napa, CA d: 15 Aug 1952 Sacramento, CA

          5 Unnamed Lewis b: & d: 1910 Etna Ward 1, Siskiyou County, CA

          5 Maurice Fitzgerald Lewis b: 25 Aug 1912 Napa, CA
             d: 26 Jan 1998 Sacramento, CA
            +Dorothy Mae Zanders b: 4 May 1918
            +Miriam Johnson b: 9 Jun 1921 Oakland, CA m: 2 Jun 1951
              d: 22 May 2006 Sacramento, CA

            6 Living Lewis' (undisclosed online)

         5 Thomas McLaughlin Lewis b: 25 Aug 1912 Napa, CA
            d: 31 Jan 1988 Sacramento, CA
            +Ruth Bernice Zanders b: 17 Oct 1919

           6 Living Lewis' (undisclosed online)

        5 John Joseph Lewis b: 23 Aug 1916 Sacramento, CA
           d: 14 Oct 1973
           +Patricia Phipps Tandrow b: 22 Mar 1918 Rowland Heights, CA

          6 Living Lewis' (undisclosed online)

     4  Thomas Shaffrey McLaughlin b: 20 Jan 1882 Austin, Nevada
         d: 21 Mar 1955 Mendocino, CA
         +Alice M Loney b: 10 Feb 1885 California
           d: 6 Jan 1953 Mendocino, CA

         5 Donald T McLaughlin b: 20 Feb 1908
            d: 13 Mar 1984  San Joaquin County, CA

         5 Dorothea McLaughlin b: 27 Jul 1912 Solano County, CA
            d: 26 Feb 1984 Mendocino, CA

         5 Kenneth L McLaughlin b. 9 Apr 1923 Napa, CA

      4 Hugh Robert McLaughlin b: 17 Apr 1886 Napa, CA
         d: 8 Oct 1952 Fresno, CA
         +Emma Louise Kerns m: 1906 Yountville, CA

         5 Virginia Anne McLaughlin b: 1906 d: 1987

         5 Norman Robert McLaughlin b: 8 Mar 1908 Sacramento, CA
            d: 11 Jun 1986 Casa Grande, A
            +Virginia Anne Heller b: 3 Nov 1907 m: Apr 1932 Modesto, CA
               d: 1987 Casa Grande, AZ
            6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

         5 Thomas Kerns McLaughlin b: 11 Nov 1911 Sacramento, CA
            d: 26 Apr 1990 Fresno, CA
            +Dorcas Elizabeth Stoner b: 23 Mar 1914 Los Angeles, CA
              m: 1935 Fresno, CA

            6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

         5 Emma Ophelia McLaughlin b: 1917 d: 1972

My mom has always indicated that by the time she was born and in her early childhood, the McLaughlin's had all moved away from Napa, CA.  She never knew most of these people except the Flanagan's and Fratessa's, at least not to her knowledge.  It is interesting how so many of Ellen Maxwell's and Thomas McLaughlin's children remained in Northern California.  On the other hand, it is interesting to note how families split up and go their own way.  I can understand this.  Life gets busy, busy, busy, and we can't always make time to keep in touch.  It's human nature to an extent but I do think that it is a cultural thing in the United States.

If anyone has any additional information, updates, or corrections to Ellen Maxwell's line above, please comment on the blog post with your email address. 

To be continued....................

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 3

1  James Maxwell..............2  Joseph Patrick Maxwell.............
      Maxwell/Shaffrey Children:
      3 Mary Maxwell b: 17 Mar 1838 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
          d: 1920
          +Alexander Gray b: 17 Feb 1831 Johnstown, NY
            m: 1858 New York d: 25 Feb 1896
         4 Alexander Gray
            5 Anne Gray b: 19 Jun 1901
         4 John S Gray

         4 Jane Gray b: abt 1862 New York

      3 James Maxwell b: 27 Sep 1841 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
         d: 1922, Newport, New York
         +Mary A O'Connor b: 4 Mar 1847, Ireland, m: Apr 1866 Newport, New York
           d: 1919 Newport, New York

       4 Anna Judith Maxwell b: 25 Sep 1867 Newport, New York
          d: 1937 Utica, New York
         +James A Murphy b: 10 May 1857 Fairfield, New York m: 1895
           d: 9 Jul 1923 Newport, New York

          5 Mildred Mary Murphy b: 3 Sep 1896 Norway, New York
             d: Oct 1985 Richfield Springs, New York
             +Ambrose Smith b: 27 Feb 1895 Exeter, New York
               m: 1 Aug 1928 Newport, New York
               d: 13 Sep 1970 Richfield Springs, New York

             6 Living Smith's (undisclosed online)

          5 Gertrude Ann Murphy b: 3 Sep 1896 Norway, New York
             d: 2 Jan 1919 Herkimer, New York
             +L Beach Manchester b: 31 Aug 1892 Madison, New York
             m: 1916 d: 1998

          5 Bernice Margaret Murphy b: 11 Sep 1900 Norway, New York
             d: 1960 Newport, New York
             +Ivan Kimble b: 1895 m: 26 Dec 1931 d: 1967

          5 James Francis Murphy b: 21 Aug 1908 Norway, New York
             d: 11 Nov 1974
             +Irene Dowd b: 29 Nov 1908 d: 22 Apr 1963

        4 Mary Maxwell b: 25 Sep 1867 New York

        4 Dennis G Maxwell b: abt 1869 New York
           +Mary A Murray b: May 1869 New York

          5 J Murray Maxwell b: Apr 1897 New York

          5 Jerry A Maxwell b: abt 1897 New York

          5 Dennis Maxwell b: Jul 1899 New York d: 12 Jan 1951 New York, New York

          5 Mallein Maxwell b: abt 1902 New York

       4 Joseph Patrick Maxwell b: 1874 New York d: 1950 Newport, New York
          +Catherine O'Connor b: 11 Dec 1876 Newport, New York
             m: 8 Jan 1896 Newport, New York d: 1951

          5 Lucille Maxwell

          5 Bernard Maxwell b: 7 Jun 1897 New York
             d: 1960 Newport, New York
             +Nora Caroline Stock b: 8 Jun 1895 New York
             d: Dec 1985 Middleville, New York

             6 Living Maxwell's (undisclosed online)

         5 Gertrude D Maxwell b: 1900 New York d: 1984
            +Clarence W Donohue b: 1897 d: 1969

         5 Anne E Maxwell b: 1902 New York d: 1972 Boca Raton, Florida
            +Donald Kennedy b: 1908 d: 1983 Lake Worth, Florida

         5 Joseph W Maxwell b: 30 Oct 1904 Newport, New York
            d: 9 Oct 1984 Seattle, WA

         5 Francis P Maxwell b: 13 Sep 1906 New York d: Jul 1983 Flushing, NY
            +Ada Burns b: 1900 d: 1981 Brooklyn, New York

         5 James J Maxwell b: 1908 New York d: 1948

         5 Catherine M Maxwell b: 1910 d: 1999
            +Harold Cook b: 1912 d: 1990
         5 Dennis Gray Maxwell b: 11 Oct 1916 New York d: 2 Mar 1993
            +Marjorie Lind b: 1 Aug 1918 Newton, MA
              d: 16 Apr 2006 Concord, MA

       4 Kate Maxwell b: abt 1878 New York

       4 James Maxwell

If anyone has additional information about the Mary Maxwell and Alexander Gray family line, please contact me by commenting on this post with your email.  I am uncertain who Anne Gray Glover's father was.  It is either Alexander or John.  I have a letter that she wrote about the Maxwell/Shaffrey family tree if any family members are interested in it.  Anne knew the McLaughlin's, Duffy's, and Flanagan's of Napa, CA.  That means she kept in contact with her grandmother's (Mary Maxwell) sisters - Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin and Catherine Maxwell Duffy.

If anyone can provide more information about the James Maxwell and Mary A. O'Connor family line, let me know.  I have a source from that line and there is some additional information out there related to this line.
Continued in the next post.................

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 2

Descendants of James Maxwell

(If you find this online, are related, and would like it sent to you as a Word Document, please comment on the blog post and provide an email address, thank you.  If you happen to be a McLaughlin or a Flanagan also, I have information on those lines too.)

1 James Maxwell b: 1786 in Scotland, d: Unknown

   2 Joseph Patrick Maxwell b: 9 May 1812 (or 1815), Shancarnan,
      Co. Meath, Ireland, 31 Jan 1899 Newport, New York
      +Judith Shaffrey b: 1817, Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland,
         m: 24 Sep 1834, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland
         d: 6 Jun 1865 Newport, New York
      +Rebecca O'Harriet b: abt 1835, Ireland; d: Newport, New York

      Maxwell/Shaffrey Children:
      3 Dennis Maxwell b: 16 Jun 1836 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
         d: 1907 Newport, New York
         +Mary Ward b: 1847, New York d: 27 Mar 1876 Newport, New York
         +Mary Dunn b: 1852
         Maxwell/Ward Children:
         4 Mary Ellen Maxwell b: 31 Oct 1862 Newport, New York
            d: 10 May 1917 Ilion, New York
            +Maurice E McLaughlin b: 1 Sep 1857 Newport, New York
              m: 14 Oct 1878, Newport, New York
              d: 22 Dec 1938 Clinton, MA
              5 Louise Mary McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1883, Newport, New York
                 d: 12 May 1977, Clinton, MA

             5 Dennis James McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1888, Schuyler, New York
                d: 15 May 1947, Ilion, New York
                +Clara Elizabeth Lynch b: 12 Apr 1888 Middleville, New York
                   m: 8 May 1912, Middleville, New York
                   d: 4 Mar 1974 Huntsville, AL

                   6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

             5 Rose V McLaughlin b: 19 Feb 1904, Newport, New York
                d: 4 Jun 1952, Clinton MA

          4 James Maxwell b: 1868 Newport, New York d: 1948 Newport, New York
             +Mary Clark
             +Margaret E. Reardon b: 1878, d: 1978

             Maxwell/Clark Children:
             5 Nellie Maxwell b: 1 Sep 1891, Newport, New York
                d: Feb 1963, New York
                +John Leo McNamara b: 28 Mar 1891 New York d: Sep 1962

                6 James Francis McNamara b: 23 Mar 1922
                   d: 15 Dec 1998 Clinton, New York
                   +Santina Sergi b: 16 Nov 1925 d: 1997 Oriskany Falls, NY

                   7 Living McNamara's (Undisclosed online)

               6 Mary Theresa McNamara b: 18 May 1929 Oriskany Fall, NY
                  d: Jan 1986 Utica, New York
                  +Mark Connors

                  7 Living McNamara's (Undisclosed online)

             5 Irene J Maxwell b: 1 Feb 1897 Newport, New York
                d: Dec 1977 Utica, New York

             Maxwell/Reardon Children:
             5 Mary K Maxwell b: 1902 New York d: 1978
                +Clark Bowen

             5 Dennis Reardon Maxwell b: 1906 Newport, New York d: 1944
                +Doris b: 1909 Newport, New York

                6 James Maxwell
                   +Mary Lee m: 1951

                   7 Living Maxwell’s (undisclosed online)

                6 Edward Maxwell b: abt 1927

             5 James F Maxwell b: abt 1905 New York

             5 Gertrude H Maxwell b: 1907
                +Raymond Santmire

             5 Louise Maxwell b: 1908 d: 1983
                +Albert Carney

             5 Grace M Maxwell b: abt 1909
                +Victor Carney

             5 Alice V Maxwell b: 11 Apr 1910 New York
                d: 23 Jun 2008 New Hartford, Oneida, New York
                +John Knutty

             5 Florence Maxwell b: abt 1911 New York
                +Mike Wilson

             5 Donald Maxwell b: 3 Jun 1920 d: 1986 Newport, New York

          4 Judith Maxwell b: abt 1869 Newport, New York

          4 Dennis Maxwell b: Aug 1872 Newport, New York d: 1922
             +Julia K Shaffery

          4 Catherine Maxwell b: 4 Apr 1874 d: 25 Nov 1875

          Maxwell/Dunn Children:
          4 Albert Maxwell b: 16 Aug 1882 New York d: 1931

If anyone has additional information or updates for the Dennis Maxwell and Mary Ward/Mary Dunn line, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post.  Again, I have left off living individuals online.  I have some information about the living descendants directly from one who is a Maxwell/McLaughlin.  We can always use more information.

Continued in the next post............

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 1

I have recently been reviewing and blogging about every piece of information that I've been given that possibly connects to my Maxwell's.  What that can mean is that I don't have full discovery until I finish going through everything but I do blog and take notes along the way.  Let's just say that posts produced at the beginning of this month with questions about the family line may have the answer in some later reading and research that I've finally gotten to later in the month.

Blogging as I go is basically my discovery process with anyone reading getting the benefit or the disadvantage of missing information depending on how you look at it and when you read this.  My method does propel me forward though.

Mid-September, a Maxwell/McLaughlin researcher sent me a document with the Descendants of James Maxwell.  I've now had the opportunity to review the document, update my family tree on, and blog about it.  Sometimes this can be no small task. However, I fully enjoy this discovery process about my Maxwell Family line.

In my attempt to share my Maxwell line with anyone who is connected to the line, including my Mom, I am borrowing a format from a Flanagan researcher.  The format does work best maybe in a Word Document but I am going to give it a try here and then transcribe it into Word for my Mom.

We will see how it goes.

To be continued...............

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maxwell Info and A Book About Newport, New York

My Maxwell researcher sent me a third book entitled "The Newport Bicentennial History" 1776-1976, Newport, New York, complied by the residents of the Village and Town of Newport, New York.   I took some notes of interest while reading this book.  See my previous posts about "The Irish Settlement - Newport, New York - Part 1-4 - July 18-21, 2010".

1.  At one time, Newport was the cheese center for the Herkimer County dairy community.

2. The West Canada Creek runs through town.

3. The Newport Stone Bridge spans the creek and was built in 1853.

This book has so much great historical information about Newport and wonderful pictures of times past.  I found a full chapter about St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Newport.  I wish it listed more about the founding parishioners.  Irene Maxwell is indicated as a previous organist for the church.  I find more Molineaux's in this book along with some McEvoy's.  They are cousin's related to my McLaughlin's and Maxwell's, respectively.

On page 43, I find a chapter entitled "Newport Dry Cleaners" written by Irene Darling and Dorothy Maxwell Edwards.  I wonder if this Maxwell is related to me.  On page 57, I find "Farming In Newport As I Remember It" by Doris Morey Maxwell.

This is a nice little book of 173 pages.  I guess I was hoping to spot some information in it or mention of some of my McLaughlin's.

The books about Newport, Fairfield, and Middleville have been very enjoyable.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maxwell Info and Fairfield, New York - Part 2

As I continued reading about the Maxwell's, I find the rest of the family tree. The tree starts with James Maxwell who was born in Scotland circa 1786. His son was Joseph Patrick Maxwell who married Judith Shaffrey in 1834, in Ireland. Joseph and Judith are indicated as having had 9 children (I have 8 plus 2 from Joseph's second wife.) in this book. Some of them settled in Fairfield but it would appear that this part of the book maybe referencing some Maxwell's who lived in Middleville.

The information about the family tree goes on to indicate that Joseph's and Judith's son Dennis (b. 1836) and his first wife, Mary Ward, came from Ireland to Newport. Dennis was the father of James (1868-1948) who was the father of Dennis (1906-1944), who was the father of James Maxwell of Fairfield.

I have updated my family tree on  Unfortunately, I don't have dates of birth for many of the individuals.  I do have another document to review from a Maxwell/McLaughiln researcher about the Maxwell's though.  It may contain the answers that I seek.

The same page in this book talks about two more of Joseph Patrick Maxwell's and Judith Shaffrey's children, James and Julia (Judith).  The only issue that I have with the information is that James was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1841 and not in Newport, New York in 1841 as the book indicates.  His daughter Anna Maxwell went on to marry Jeremiah Murphy of Middleville and Fairfield, New York.  Julia went onto marry Patrick McEvoy of Newport, New York.

My next question now about the Maxwell's is generated by the part of this book that talks about the Maxwell's and the Murphy who married Anna Maxwell.  Was his name really Jeremiah or actually James?  I'm a little confused.  I may have the answer and will need to review my information.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maxwell Info and Fairfield, New York - Part 1

Another book that I received from my Maxwell researcher back east is "This Green and Pleasant Land - Fairfield, New York", by Jane W. Dieffenbacher, copyright 1996.  This book has over 450 pages in it.  I've read parts and pieces of this book.  There is a whole lot of information gathered in this book about the area in and around Fairfield, New York.  It truly is a history book for the area.

The following are some notes that I took while looking through this book:

1.  This area of New York is north of the Mohawk Valley.

2.  There were several German Settlers and pioneers in the area.

3.  The Revolutionary War was fought in this area.

4.  The area was used as farmland.

5.  From 1812 to 1841 there was a Fairfield Academy with a College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York.

There is literally so much detail in this book that is hard to condense it into a few notes.  On page 77 of this book, I find a picture of those who worked on town board in 1996.  There is a Dennis Maxwelll in the photo.  I wonder if he is related to my Maxwell's.  The Lynch and Molineux names pop up again in this book. 

Right around page 173, I realize that the author of this book has tried very hard to include everyone from the area, some great old photos, and some good maps.  She does move along through history with information about her own family tree.  If someone has family origins in this area, they are sure to find them referenced in this book.

On page 410, I find some Maxwell's.  James Maxwell married Mary Lee in 1951.  James was born in Newport at the home of his grandparents James and Margaret Maxwell to his parents Dennis and Doris Morey Maxwell.  James and Mary Maxwell's children are Sandra, Dennis, Joyce, Patricia, Susan Marie, Bonnie and James Maxwell, Jr.

I have to admit that some of the above Maxwell's may be living individuals.  I so dislike listing potential living people in my blog but these names and their immediate families are published in this book.  I will be updating my family tree as soon as I figure out where they connect into it.  I'm not exactly certain.

To be continued.........

Friday, October 15, 2010

Maxwell Info and Middleville, New York

I recently had a Maxwell researcher send me some books that revolve around Herkimer County including Middleville, Newport, and Fairfield.  The first book I picked up is entitled "Middleville:  The Story of a Village", copyrighted 1990.

In my quest to find out more information about the Newport, New York area including the Irish Settlement, I skimmed a good portion of this book and took some notes as follows:

1.  The Town of Newport has part of Middleville within its boundaries.  It is the westerly side of West Canada which includes Fishing Rock Road, Summit Street, Herkimer Street, and part of Bridge Street.

2.  St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church is considered a mission church of St. John's parish in Newport, New York.

3.  It is very apparent to me that Middleville, Newport, and Fairfield, New York all have close community connections.  Bridges connect these towns together based I what I've gathered from the book.

4.  I find the Lynch and Molineaux names pop up in more than one location in the book.  I find Lynch's and Molineaux's attached to my McLaughlin family tree.  I wonder if these are the same families.  They would be distant cousin's by marriage for me.

5.  The book was by a group of people from the Village of Middleville. 

6.  I find the following Maxwell's on the WWII Honor Roll for the Village of Middleville:  Bernard Maxwell, Dennis Maxwell, James Maxwell, and Edward Maxwell.  I'm not sure who are my relatives but I'm sure a couple of them are.

7.  On page 159 of the book, there is information about the Bernard Maxwell Family.  Bernard and Nora Maxwell lived in a house on Summit Street and raised 12 children.  Their children were Bernard, Jane, Dorothy, Norma, Beatrice, Edward, Eileen, Helen, Rosemary, William, Louis, and Paul Maxwell.

8.  The same page indicates the siblings of Bernard Maxwell as Gertrude, Ann, Joseph, Francis, James, Catherine, Dennis, and Lucille.  They lived on Parkhurst Road, Middleville.
9.  There is a two page entry in the book entitled "Memories of Middleville in the 1920s" by Dennis Maxwell of Boston, Mass.  I have included this in a previous separate post in my blog on September 13, 2010.

This book has given me some great information about Middleville and the Maxwell's.  I've updated my family tree on for the Bernard and Nora Maxwell Family along with the Joseph Patrick and Catherine Maxwell Family.  Joseph Patrick Maxwell was the son of James Maxwell and the grandson of our original immigrant Maxwell - Joseph Patrick Maxwell of County Meath, Ireland who's wife was Judith Shaffrey.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gartland-McLaughlin Marriages

My last full post about the Gartland's was way back on June 26, 2010.  It was entitled, "Gartland with a "D"? You tell me."  In notes and even when I search in Ireland, I find Gartland spelled as Gartlan.  Is this a typo or was the "D" added later.  Online, I've located some brief information here and there about Gartlan's in County Monaghan, Ireland.  I am really not sure if they are connected to my Gartland's with a "D".

One of the main McLaughlin researchers told me that it is Gartland with a "D".  That's how he finds it written in official church records and the majority of source records that he has reviewed.  I will say that the generations forward in time from our original Gartland Irish immigrant relatives seem to definitely have the "D" on the end of the name.  I will put this to rest in with a final statement.  When I research this line now, I search with and will continue to search with both spellings.

So what does the Gartland Family tree look like and what about those marriages to the McLaughlin's?  Before I go into the marriages, I do want to list the brief information that I have about my Gartland's.  The family unit that I have in Newport, New York, is as follows:

James Gartland
-b. circa 1777, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland
-d. circa 1870, Newport, Herkimer County, New  York
-m. Hannah Fox in Ireland
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have James in 4 of 5 U.S. Census from 1830-1870 in the Newport, New York area.

Hannah Fox
-b. circa 1785, Clontibret, County Monaghan, Ireland
-d. 9 Feb 1850, Newport, New York
-m. James Gartland in Ireland
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have no source records for Hannah Fox Gartland at this point.  The information that I have is iffy at best except maybe her date of death.

Their known children:

Mary Ellen Gartland
-b. 1 Aug 1816 in Ireland
-d. 15 Jun 1874 in Newport, New York
-m. 6 Jan 1838 to James Michael McLaughlin in Newport, New York
-Arrival to U.S. 1824
-I have extensive information about her 7 children.

Frank Gartland
-b. 1820 in Ireland
-d. After 1870, Newport, New York
-m. Married to Catherine
-Arrival in U.S. 1824
-He had at least 4 children.

Hugh Joseph Gartland
-b. Dec 1822 in Ireland
-d. 26 Feb 1905, Attica, New York
-m. Mary Ann McLaughlin on 28 Nov 1850, Newport, New York
-Arrival in U.S. 1824
-They had 8 children.

I love these family connections.  Mary Ellen Gartland was married to James Michael McLaughlin who's cousin was Mary Ann McLaughlin married to Mary Ellen's brother, Hugh Joseph Gartland.

I have more research that I need to complete on my Gartland's for sure.  It will need to include the Fox's who apparently ended up in Newport, New York too.  The Fox's were likely also from County Monaghan.  A lot of my information is rather sketchy but I will get it in order and post what I have.

By the way, James Michael McLaughlin and Mary Ellen Gartland are my great great great grandparents.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maxwell-McLaughlin Marriages

The Irish Settlement in Newport, New York was certainly a small community of Irish Catholic immigrants.  It was their haven in the new world.  They weren't the first immigrants to settle in this area but they certainly stayed and made a lasting impression on the community.  I often wonder if you visit the Village of Newport today if you might bump into a McLaughlin descendant, or even a Maxwell.  There are also a bunch of other Irish familes that were common place in this area.

As a community of Irish Catholics with a common culture and ambition to build a community with families, farms, and their Catholic religion, the various families were close.  There are most definitly several marriages uniting various families together as family.  I have two Gartland siblings marrying into the McLaughlin line in Newport.  I also have at least two marriages between the McLaughlin's and Maxwell's.

My great-great grandparents were Thomas Michael McLaughlin and Ellen Maxwell.  Thomas was born in the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York in 1840 to his Irish immigrant parents.  Thomas and Ellen were considered part of the long lost McLaughlin/Maxwell family that went west.  They were found by a McLaughlin researcher in New York some many years ago.  I also know that Ellen Flanagan found the Irish Settlement in her quest to trace the McLaughlin/Maxwell line too in the 1970s.

Thomas Michael McLaughlin and Ellen Maxwell were married on January 5, 1869, in Newport, New York.  They soon departed west for Lander County, Nevada, where they lived for many years (1870-1886).  Then they eventually moved to Napa, California in 1886.  Something may have happened to Thomas at some point around 1900-1904 because Kate Flanagan (their son-in-law's mother) mentions some sort of accident in a letter that she wrote to the Flanagan's in Ireland.  I'm still not sure what happened.

The other marriage that I find between the families is for Maurice E. McLaughlin (pronounced Morris) and Mary Ellen Maxwell.  They married on October 14, 1878, at St. John's in Newport, New York.  Maurice is Thomas Michael McLaughlin's youngest sibling born in 1857.  Mary Maxwell is Dennis Maxwell's daughter, Ellen Maxwell's neice. 

I have recently had the great priviledge to be able to connect with one of Maurice and Mary McLaughlin's grandchildren who is a Living McLaughlin.  He has so much wonderful information to share about our Maxwell's and McLaughlin's. 

Both Maxwell/McLaughlin marriages produced children and both of these lines continue today.  It has been such a pleasure to find those who share multiple family lines with me.  The Maxwell/McLaughlin connection back to the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York, can still be found today.  Let's keep the connection going and find more Maxwell's, Maxwell/McLaughlin's, and McLaughlin's.  I am sure that there is family out there who have no idea of their connection and history for this wonderful family line.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 6

I remember borrowing a family tree binder from my Aunt in Napa which contains Vienop and Borchers information.  I may have borrowed it sometime in the 1990s.  Tucked inside is a journal of the trip that Minnie Vienop took with her father, Henry Sr., to Germany in 1925.  This is a treasure to read.  I will need to borrow it again and make a copy. 

After Minnie and Henry Sr. returned from Germany, Minnie decided to date Louie.  In June of 1926, they were married.  This is a great Reidenbach Family history story!  I hope that all of those Reidenbach children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren know about this.  I do know that at least the older grandchildren knew their grandmother, Minnie.  I even met Minnie more than once.  She was a very petite little lady.  Her sister, Mary, was too.

Once Minnie and Louie were married, they needed a place to live.  Mary and Herbert were in the process of having their home built at 1134 Willow Avenue, Napa, California.  Henry Jr. and Louie Reidenbach were the contractors for that home and in business together.  They built several homes in Napa.  When Mary and Herbert moved down the street, 1115 Willow Avenue became the home of Minnie, Louie, and Henry Sr.

When John Henry Vienop, Sr. (Henry Sr.) died in 1932 from a stroke, he left 1115 Willow Avenue to Aunt Minnie and Uncle Louie.  Minnie and Louie lived there for some time but then moved to another location that I believe was on Main Street in Napa.  That home made the newspaper a few years back when it went on the market for a fairly large sum.

Mary and Herbert Borchers lived at 1134 Willow Avenue for many years.  Herbert lived there until he passed away on November 14, 1978.  Mary lived there for almost 58 years until she sold it in April 1984.  Mary and Herbert had four children that also lived at this location with them.

I have so many fond memories of visiting my great grandparents home at 1134 Willow Avenue.  My mom spent a whole lot of time there when she was a child.  The backyard was not very large but had an old chicken coop that was no longer in use when I was young.  The property also had a detached garage for the car but also held dress up clothes and shoes for us kids.  Mary Vienop Borchers never did learn how to drive so they only had one car.

We used to spend Easter Sunday at the house, Christmas Eve, and plenty of summer days at their home.  I remember there being left over Halloween candy in the summertime that my sister and I would nibble on despite the age of the candy.  I have memories of the Christmas Eve get-togethers with the family up at the house too.  My great grandma made wonderful cookies using her old German cookie family recipes.  I have so many fond memories of Mary and Herbert Borchers and their home.

I wonder what Uncle Henry Jr. would think of 1134 Willow Avenue now.  Someone added a second story on this craftsman style home in the 1980s.  It just does not look the same. 

Mary Vienop Borchers passed away in May 1989 at the age of 96 years old.  I can still hear her laugh like a beautiful song that replays in your head.  I have many, many more memories of her and my great grandpa, Herbert Borchers.  At this point, I need to take a break for a while in writing about my Vienop Borchers Family.  I did not realize how hard that it can be to write about people I actually knew.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 5

On September 3, 1918, Mary Vienop of Napa, California started dating Herbert Borchers of Santa Rosa, California.  They really did not see each other very much because of the distance between the two cities.  Transportation was limited to an electric train.  Once a month, Herbert would come over to attend the Young People's Society at the church on Second Street in Napa.  This is when Mary and Herbert would see each other.  Most of their courting was done via letters.

On December 1, 1918, Herbert came to Napa to ask Mary to marry him.  He received Henry Sr.'s consent and gave Mary a diamond ring.  Mary and Herbert Borchers were married on June 28, 1919, at the little Lutheran Church on Second Street in Napa, California.  Right after they married, Mary and Herbert lived at Herbert's parents home at 1194 Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, since his job was there. 

Herbert did get a job in Napa at Prouty Jeweler's on First Street.  For a short time, Herbert and Mary lived at her brother's, Ernest, house on Laurel Street.  At the time, Minnie, Henry Sr., and Uncle Ernest were wintering down in Southern California.  Dorothy Borchers, their oldest daughter, was born in this house on January 7, 1921. 

When the family members returned from Southern California, Mary, Herbert, and Dorothy moved to 1115 Willow Avenue.  This was Uncle Ernest's house.  By 1923, when Uncle Ernest died, he had apparently been living with his brother, Henry Sr., on Laurel Street.  Also, Henry Sr. may have actually purchased 1115 Willow Avenue from his brother before then.

While living at 1115 Willow Avenue, Mary and Herbert took on a boarder.  Louis Reidenbach was someone that Mary's brothers Henry Jr. and Enrest had apparently met during WWI and knew through the Young People's Society at their church.  Louie was trying to date Mary's sister, Minnie at the time, but she did not want anything to do with him.  Minnie told her sister, Mary, that "If you board Louie, I'll never come to see you again."  Mary and Herbert boarded him anyway.

To be continued................

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 4

Where did the Vienop's live and own land in Napa?  In the early 1900s, John Henry, Sr., purchased a prune orchard on West Laurel Street.  According to the information from my aunt, this could have also been where they were living.  By the way, I believe the prune orchard consisted of French Prunes.  I suppose that you can dry these prunes but they do taste so sweet and yummy fresh off the tree.

Uncle Ernest and Cousin Ernest rented or purchased a place in the Coombsville area of Napa.  It had a cherry orchard.  On January 11, 1905, Cousin Ernest Julius Vienop purchased property on Highland Drive in Napa.  This property may still be owned by family today.  It was in 1995.  Uncle Ernest purchased property on Second and School Street in Napa.  He was a cigar maker.  A trade brought with him from Germany. 

From what I understand a few other Vienop family members connected to Uncle Ernest also moved to Napa.  Uncle Ernest eventually sold the house on Second and School Streets and purchased a home at 1115 Willow Avenue (in the Alta Heights area of Napa).  Just prior to World War I, Mary's brother, Henry Jr., purchased the family home on Laurel Street from his father, Henry Sr.  When the war broke out, Henry Jr., and his brother, Ernest, went off to war in France.  With Henry gone, his father, Henry Sr., had to take care of the prune orchard.  During this time, Mary's sister Minnie, took care of the house and all of the cooking.

Mary Vienop Borchers worked during this timeframe.  She did housework and maid service for the McClellan's.  They lived on Division Street in what is now a historical home in Napa.  Mary worked for the McClellan's from 1912 until 1919 when she got married.

When Henry Jr. returned from the war, he married Adella Bruns in 1920 and made the Laurel Street residence their home.  Minnie and Henry Sr. moved to Ernest's (Mary's brother) home on Laurel Street.  Also, somewhere during this time, Mary's brother, Ernest, bought 10 acres of apples and prunes just west of Henry's property on Laurel Street.

During the winters Henry Sr., Uncle Ernest, and Minnie would go to Southern California and spend the whole winter down there.

To be continued.....................

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 3

Why did Mary Vienop Borchers move west to Napa, California?  Mary's mother, Anna Marie, was not a healthy woman.  She almost died of pneumonia one year.  Her doctor told her to move onto to a better climate.  The family actually sent for information about California.  Mary's Uncle Ernest (her father's brother) went ahead to check things out in Napa.

Mary and her family made the trip to California by train.  Once they arrived in Napa, they lived with Mr. and Mrs. Elmire on East Avenue.  The family group who came from Nebraska were as follows:

1.  John Henry Vienop (Mary's father)
2.  Anna Marie Koch Vienop (Mary's mother)
3.  Ernest Vienop (Mary's brother)
4.  Mary Vienop Brorchers
5.  Henry Vienop (Mary's brother)
6.  Minnie Vienop (Mary's sister)
7.  Uncle Ernest Vienop (Brother of John Henry Sr.)
8.  Cousin Ernest Vienop (Cousin of John Henry Sr.)
9.  Ricky Vienop (Wife of Cousin Ernest)
10.  George Vienop (Son of Cousin Ernest and Ricky) b. Sep 1900 in Daykin, NE

The group arrived in Napa, California, in February 1901.  On their first night in Napa, they stayed at the Revere House across from the court house on Second Street.  The next day they moved to the Elmire residence on East Avenue.  The family moved to Laurel Street shortly there after.  At the time, Laurel Street was known as Lynn Street.

On May 27, 1901, Alma Vienop was born at the house on Laurel Street.  She died there on February 9, 1904.  It was at this point in time that the Vienop Plot was purchased at Tulocay Cemetery for $27.50.  Another girl was stillborn on May 1, 1909.  Anna Marie, Mary's mother, died on January 2, 1915 at the age of 49 years from a kidney ailment.

To be continued........

Friday, October 8, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 2

How amazing is it that I got to know my Great Grandma?  I remember that when I was young my family did mention at times of the long life that my Great Grandma, Mary Borchers, had led.  She lived to be 96 years old.  I was 18 years old when she passed away.  There is certainly longevity in my family line.  I can only hope to live a long life as wonderful as hers.  She was surrounded by loving, wonderful people who cared for her when she could no longer get around really well.  She did live independently at her home well into her late 80s.

I so respect her practical approach to life.  It is a life lesson that should be shared with everyone.  Several years before she passed away, SHE made the decision to sell her home and give her belongings away to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and charity.  She wanted to know where her items of value (even sentimental value) ended up.  What a giving person she was.  She kept only her basic personal affects, sold her home where she had lived for almost 6 decades, and moved in with one of her daughters.  Can you imagine giving away your things when you may have several years of life left?  She did this willingly and without a second thought.  Family and people were what was important to her.  Her things were not her world.  I wish more people could live by this example today.

Back to Mary.....Her father, John Henry Vienop, farmed as his occupation once they were in Nebraska.  He had immigrated from Germany and brought his mother, Anne Marie Ilsabein Gurges Vienop to the USA.  I am amazed by the number of names each person was given.  My mother hushed me once when I attempted to ask my Great Grandmother how many names she had.  Ok, so maybe that was a tacky question by a teenager but it was rather innocent, at the time.  (I wonder if my mother is actually reading this.  I guess I'll find out.)

Much of the information about my Great Grandma that I have are my memories.  I also have some definite, factual information that my great aunt, Mary's daughter, has provided to me.  She is still a living Borchers so I will keep her identity anonymous.  From hence forward, I will be referring to my Great Grandma as Mary Vienop Borchers.

Mary Vienop Borchers could not recall what year her father immigrated from Germany.  By the time they had moved to Daykin, Nebraska, she was one of three children.  Her brothers were Ernest Henry William Vienop and John Henry Vienop, Jr (Henry).  In Daykin, Mary's brother John Henry Ernest (Yes, a different child than John Henry Jr.) was born in 1896.  He died in 1897 at little over 3 months old.  In 1898, Mary's sister Minnie (Anna Christina Minna Vienop) was born.

To be continued............

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandma - Part 1

How do you begin to write about someone who you knew, loved and hold so dearly in your heart?  She meant so much to so many people including myself that it is hard to write about her. She is and will always will be my Great-Grandma - Mary Borchers.

Have you ever truly met someone with a heart of gold?  If you have read my blog, you have read about Michael Flanagan and his selfless acts.  I never knew him in person.  He died 66 years before I was born.  I return to my very own Mary Borchers as she was known to the community in Napa, California. She had a heart of gold and that is really a modest compliment for her.

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop, or "Mary" as she was known, was born to John Henry Vienop (Henry Sr.) and Anna Marie Luise Koch in Audrain County, Missouri, on December 25, 1892. She was a true gift on Christmas Day. I can remember always celebrating her birthday at our family Christmas Day get-togethers when I was young. She was the second oldest child and oldest daughter of seven children.
As a teenager, I recall being told that Great-Grandma's mother was an ill woman.  In my years, I only met one of her siblings, Minnie A. Vienop Reidenbach (Anna Christina Minna Vienop was her given name).

When Mary was two years old, the family moved to Daykin, Nebraska. I don't believe that they stayed there very long before moving onto Napa. I have them in Napa by at least May of 1901 when one of Mary's sisters was born. The family moved to Napa because the climate was better for her mother's health.

In looking over the birth and death dates of Mary's siblings, I notice that 3 siblings died either in infancy or before they were even three years old. While she may not have helped care for her brother who died in infancy when she was just four years old, I am almost certain that she helped with her sister, Alma. It is heart wrenching to see that her sister, Alma, who was born in Napa in May 1901, died in February of 1904. Mary would have been 11 years old. What impact did this have on her? As an adult, she was always so awesome with children. I suppose that's because she knew how delicate life can truly be.

To be continued...........

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maxwell - Heraldry Information

Maxwell is a rather common surname.  It is known to be Irish, Jewish, and Scottish.  As a Scottish name it is based in a location near Melrose, in Roxburghshire, Scotland.  It was first recorded there as Mackeswell (Mack's spring or stream).  In Ireland, it is based in Ulster where it may have originated as Miskell.  As a Jewish name it was probably adopted from names that sounded similar or individuals preferred to Americanize their surname.  I know that my Maxwell's aren't Jewish.  As a Scottish Gaelic name, the name is written as MacSaul.

When researching the name Maxwell in Scotland, there are some very specific places where the name is found.  Going back to the 12th century Roxburgh Castle, information has been maintained about the Maxwell's or "Max"/Macs as he was referred to.  My plan right now is not to research these Maxwell's in Scotland because I don't know for sure if there is a connection to my family.  It might be convenient if that was the case since it would appear that there is sufficient information online to do some research.

What if James Maxwell was born in Scotland but his parents were from Ireland?  Then, he moved back to Ireland to have his family.  I have no idea if that is the case.  The name Maxwell does have a different origin if the family is truly based in Ireland.  

Maybe someone knows if our Maxwell's are Scottish, Irish, or both.  A few people have responded to my message board posts on indicating that the name is Scotch-Irish.  That is great but when I look up Scotch-Irish, I find Irish Presbyterian and other Protestants from the Province of Ulster.  I also find the term Scots-Irish.  These terms are so confusing.  The term appears to be the invention of some Americans.  I think I will stay away from that term.  Besides, as best I can tell, my Maxwell's were all Roman Catholic.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 7

Is this a wrap on my Maxwell's?  I hope that there is more.  It is interesting to really dig in and put the information that I've gathered in my blog/diary.  I try to do the explaining necessary to inform people of who I am speaking of.

I've re-read Alice V. Maxwell Knutty's notes.  She is funny because at one point she said that every generation from Ireland to the U.S. has a Dennis and a James Maxwell.  This can cause confusion, especially since so many of them lived in close vicinity to one another.

My Maxwell's who came west to Austin, Nevada and then onto Napa, California, did work at keeping certain names "alive".  I notice that predominately they worked at keeping the Maxwell name alive.  Ellen Maxwell Flanagan and John Maxwell Flanagan were my grandfather's siblings given names.  Their grandparents were Thomas Michael McLaughlin and Ellen Maxwell.  I've seen the Maxwell name crop up elsewhere as a middle name.  It is wonderful that they kept the name going.  It gives a clue to the family line.

So how far back am I with the Maxwell's?  I have information that James Maxwell was Joseph Patrick's father.  He was born in Scotland in 1786 and probably immigrated to County Meath, Ireland.  I don't know the Maxwell origins back further than this.  I can speculate but that's about it.

Attached to my Maxwell tree, I see a strong connection to the McLaughlin's of Newport, New York and the Irish Settlement.  I also find other families connected to the Maxwell's in this location.  As I move west, I find my great-great grandmother, Ellen Maxwell, and her sister, Catherine Maxwell.  There are more McLaughlin's but there are also Flanagan's, Duffy's, Malloy's, and more.  Napa, California was a small place around 1900.  While it still is not very big now, many of the old time residents aren't around any longer.  I do have more research to do in that location for sure.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 6

Anne Gray's letter continued.......

Ellen Flanagan copied the birthdate of the children as follows ---

Dennis born June 16, 1836
Mary     "     March 17, 1938 (should be 1838) - not registered
James   "     Sept. 27, 1941 (should be 1841)
         Served in our Civil War - fought in Battle of Anthi...? 92nd Bull Run
Ellen born March 22, 1846
Julia     "   June 12, 1851
Anne    "    ----------------
Delia    "   Dec 12, 1852

John a half brother born in this country by a second wife- had 2 sons lived in Whitisboro N. Y. - outside of Utica.

The Maxwells arrived in Herkimer N.Y. with no money and seven children.  I understand they settled in Herkimer Co. because it is Dairy Country and that was what the knew as County Meath was also dairy country.

Great grandfather Maxwell was suppoed to have been a school teacher in Ireland.

The children all married local people and most all lived in town in Herkimer Co - Moslty on Dairy Farms - Middleport - Fairfield - Newport etc. Little Falls etc.

I have a list of most of their wifes and husbands - and children.  I will send it if I get it finish.  I expect to spend some time in Herkimer County this fall and will do some investigating - cemeteries etc.   I have found New York State record very poor to 1970.  I will try the census records again.

I hope I have caused you more confusion.  I have a lot of information on most all.

So good to hear from you.

Most Sincerely
(Mrs. Maxwell H. G....?)  I am a widow - no children.

Some parts of Anne's letter are hard to make out.  I suppose that when she wrote it, she was getting up there in years.  The list of children for Joseph and Judith does not include Catherine Maxwell Duffy's information.  I am assuming that since she is mentioned earlier in the letter and that this was written to Catherine's son, Owen, that she knew or assumed that Owen already had his mother's information.

I am unable to make out the Civil War Battle information.  I am no expert on that war and tried to locate a possible match online.  Maybe someone has more information about that.

I am still at a loss to who Anne Gray's father was.  He's one of two Gray brothers, John or Alexander.

Another interesting tidbit that I discovered in this letter is that Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin must have went by the nickname of Minnie.  Her oldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin Flanagan, also went by the nickname of Minnie.  I hope that this might solve some confusion out there for my fellow researchers.....and me too!

To be continued.................