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Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding Leads Online through Real People!

When researching my family, I sometimes find it to be rather solitary.  I am a pretty social, outgoing person and thrive on interaction and feedback from others.  Can you say "Type A" personality?  Yes, that would be me.   At the start of my research, I did feel rather alone searching for those who had passed on in life.

I must say that while I was trying to find my roots, I found many living people who I am related to.  I have enjoyed so much talking to them via email, on the phone and in person when the chance arises (and it has at least a few times). 

In recent months, others have found my blog and some have found me on  I welcome this and find it so much fun to share information.  I recently connected with someone looking for Cambridge's and Ahearn's/Ahern's/Meade's in Newport, New York.  That was rather fun.  I had some Ahearn information but did not have the connection for him to the Cambridge's.  I hope that he has found those cousin's.

I also found a brilliant website for Austin, Nevada.  The website is called the Walsh Family of the Reese River Valley.  This site has photos of the Austin area.   I also found the name Malloy on the site.  I seek Malloy's who moved onto Napa.  They are cousin's.  I have not yet found the Malloy's who are the direct descendants of Catherine Maxwell and Philip Duffy but I am getting closer.

The connection to Austin, Nevada and the Walsh's runs a little closer to my McLaughlin's than I had originally thought.  I looked up Julia Mahoney McLaughlin's Obit. that I have which was in the Reese River Reveille and found that the Walsh family of the time attended her furneral.  These are rather fun connections to find.  I continue to find more people associated with Newport, New York, Austin, Nevada, and Napa, California that connect to my McLaughlin's and Maxwell's along with their cousin's and relatives the Duffy's, Malloy's, Mahoney's, and more.

Here's the website for the Walsh's:

Reese River Walsh Family

The website has a photo of St. Augustine's Catholic Church.  This location is where several of my relatives were baptized and some were married.  For anyone seeking information about this location, the other's that I have listed, and the associated surnames, contact me here in the comments section.

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