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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Someone's Ancestor Sunday - Johann Georg Elser

My husband has recorded a PBS show called Hitler's Assassin - Elser's Bomb.  Has he found time to watch?  Not really.  He's pretty busy these days.  Now, have I found time to watch it.  Actually, I have not.  That sounds bad for someone so interested in history.  Well, I'm more interested in family history.  When I think about it, Johann Georg Elser is someone's relative.  He may, in fact, be related to my husband.  Maybe we have not sat down the watch the PBS presentation of the show because we know all about Georg Elser.

Johann Georg Elser attempted to kill Hitler with his bomb.  The bomb exploded in a bar but Hitler had already left by the time it went off.  He was caught and interrogated by the Gestapo.  He was held in special custody until he was killed in 1945.  It was suspected that the British were involved but also the Nazi's themselves may have been.  There's quite a bit of speculation there.  What is fact?  The 203 page document that was recovered in the 1960s.  It was the protocol from the Gestapo.

Is there family tree information available for Johann Georg Elser?  On Wikipedia, the facts of his family are listed.  Johann Georg Elser was born on January 4, 1903, in Hermaringen, Wurttemberg, Germany to Ludwig Elser and Maria Muller.  Ludwig was a farmer and lumber dealer.  Georg Elser did have a child, Manfred, but never married the mother, Mathilde Niedermann.

The following is a link online to his photo:

Georg Elser

Well, that is an interesting piece of history.  So is Johann Georg Elser a relative of my husband?  Maybe.  He's someone's ancestor and it is Sunday.

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