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Thursday, March 31, 2011

For My Hickey Research

I am making some quick notes here about Whitegate.  It is the location where my great-grandfather, Patrick Hickey, was baptized.  He is indicated as being from County Clare.  I don't doubt that nor that he was baptized in Whitegate.  This information is in his RC marriage record in Rye, New York at the Church of the Resurrection.

What I have found is that Whitegate, County Clare, and Whitegate, Galway get confused for each other.  Whitegate, County Clare is located 2 miles east by northeast of Mountshannon and about 7 miles east by northeast of Scarriff.   Whitegate, County Galway is located 1 mile from Killimor (bologue) and about 6 miles from Portumna.  The Whitegate in County Galway is about 20 miles from the Clare border.  Another thing to make note of here is that Whitegate, County Clare should be in the Clonrush civil parish. 

Because I have found information that my Patrick Hickey was from County Clare, baptized in Whitegate but have found other references to Galway and Tipperary on his supposed WWI and WWII draft registration cards, I can only imagine that either he was not sure of what county he was from, and/or moved around and lived in several, or the transcribers thought that they knew it all and wrote it down their way.  Patrick Hickey did have a thick Irish brogue so misinterpretation of what he said may have been likely.

At this point, as I find information that could help me in the future, I write it down.


  1. Thanks for your post. I think I can help, and I hope that you can help me ... see below.

    There is only one Whitegate in this part of Ireland. The place near Killimorbologue and Portumna is Whitegates not Whitegate. Whitegate (part of the civil parish of Clonrush) was part of Galway until 1898, when the county boundary moved. It then became part of Clare. Of course, many didn't know this, or didn't care if they did, and still referred to Whitegate as in County Galway. So your grandfather understandably thought he came from Galway.

    In 1912, my father's first cousin married Elizabeth Hickey, the second surviving daughter of the late Thomas Hickey of Whitegate Co. Galway. From the 1901 and 1911 censuses, Elizabeth was born betwen 1872 and 1875. Is your Patrick Hickey a brother or some other relative? If so, I'd be very grateful for any further information you have.

    David Lynch

  2. David, Thank you for posting this info. I've been trying to figure out if the county boundaries did change some at one point in Ireland. I recently received some additional information about my Hickey's, possibly yours' too! I am pulling it together and will post it by April 20th, I promise. I found a cousin of mine who did some research via the Clare Heritage Center. She is sending me her research in the mail but I do have access to some of it on I will pull it off of there and post the additional information that I have. Thanks for reading my blog post too!

  3. Please contact me about Patrick Hickey

    1. Hello Barbara, Please let me know how I can reach you. You can reach me at Thanks.