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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Duffy House - Napa, CA

It is no secret that the Duffy's house on Big Ranch Road in Napa, CA was restored during a few episodes of "This Old House" in the 1995-1996 Season of the show.  What is interesting is that the owner at the time, Dennis Duffy, is now deceased.  He passed away in 2007.  It makes me wonder who owns the house now.

The Duffy's are cousin's of Jack and Minnie Flanagan's children.  My mom said that she went to high school with some Duffy's and Malloy's of whom she was always told she was related.  Related we are.   Catherine "Katie" Maxwell Duffy and Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin were sisters.  So it really is our Maxwell line that connects us as family.  Let's not forget that Thomas Michael McLaughlin and Philip Duffy seemed to have known each other from their younger years maybe all the way back to Herkimer County, New York.   There must be more Duffy family history there.  I wonder who has those details.  I have McLaughlin and Maxwell information for sure.  Let's not forget the Austin, Nevada area, where they all lived for a while.

Below is the Duffy house.  After a stop to taste some vino at Andretti Winery on Big Ranch Road in Napa, California, on a nice Sunday drive in Spring of 2011, we ventured down the road for a quick photo opt of the Duffy home. 

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