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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gartlan's of Carrickmacross, Ireland, and Newport, New York - Part 2

It is incredibly wonderful and interesting when research leads you to somefacts and photos about and of ancestors.  My own research has led me to other researchers who probably spent hours traveling and locating our ancestors.  I thank them for their leg work and hope that their travels were fun and exciting.  The thrill of "discovery" is very rewarding.  My best discoveries as of yet have been in person but online works well too.

One fulfilling discovery moment was receiving a photo of Mary Ellen Gartlan who was the daughter of James Gartlan and Hannah Fox.  Her brother's were Hugh and Francis Gartlan.  Mary Ellen's uncles were those Fox brothers including Thomas Fox.  Mary Ellen Gartlan was my great, great, great grandmother who married James McLaughlin of Newport, New York at the Irish Settlement.  If anyone recognizes these names, you must contact me if you haven't already.

The following is Mary Ellen Gartlan McLaughlin's photo, courtesy of Paul T. McLaughlin.  Again, Paul is fine with being revealed here in my blog.  Thank you Paul!


For my own direct line, she was the mother of my great great grandfather, Thomas Michael  McLaughlin.  For Paul's line she is the mother of his grandfather, Maurice (Morris) McLaughlin.

Another bit of information that I've run across in gathering my research is that of one Hannah Gartlan.  She was the daughter of Hugh Gartlan and Mary Ann McLaughlin Gartlan.  While there is no record of her getting married or having children, she was a school teacher, school superintendent, college dean, and a mystery writer.  She was a first cousin to my great great grandfather, Thomas Michael McLaughlin.

In some recent information gathering, a Gartlan researcher sent me the birth record information for Hugh Gartlan (son of James Gartlan and Hannah Fox).   Hugh was born 3 Dec 1822, Ballyfery, County Monaghan, Ireland.  I must admit that this is the first that I've seen of a more exact location for my Gartlan's in Ireland.  Unfortunately, there is no such townland in County Monaghan,  I can only guess that it was the address or title of the property where the Gartlan's lived in and around Carrickmacross.

I do now have access to a general group of Gartlan researchers.  While they may or many not be my direct line, they are Gartlan descendants from a few different James Gartlan's of Carrickmascross, County Monaghan, Ireland.  I follow a blog which has proven to be a good read for me in understanding the Gartlan line in general.  It is as follows:
Gartlan Families from Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

At this point, I conclude my blog post to summarize my Gartlan research.  I do think that I am far from concluding this research, however.  I hope to find more about James Gartlan and Hannah Fox.  Waiting a while might help some new information show up.  It's worked in the past!

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