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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Great Grandparents Home

On Wednesday, I posted a photo of 1134 Willow Avenue, Napa, California.  I started really thinking about that house.  It was my great grandparents home in which I spent many a day hanging out at with family for Easter, Christmas Eve, summertime visits, and more.

When my great grandma sold it in the 1980s, the new owner redid the house and put a second story on it.   The second story is a little odd ball looking on what you an tell was a single story craftsman style ranch from the 1920s.  I guess the original house was not big enough.  While it was a bungalow type home, it did have 3 bedrooms and some rather large rooms including a big dining room and a large kitchen with laundry room connected.

To each his own in modifying a home to meet their needs.  The picket fence out front is a little much though in my opinion.

I do wonder what my great grandma's brother would say about the modifications to the home.  Afterall, he built it.  John Henry Vienop, Jr., or rather, Uncle Henry was a general contractor in Napa, California after WWI.  He built several homes in Napa.  He also built more than one house on Willow Avenue in Alta Heights.

When I look up 1134 Willow Ave. on, it indicates that it was built in 1926.  Well, my photo and family have indicated that was 1925.  I guess the proof is in the picture.  I suppose my grandma is not wrong....nor my great grandma....or my aunt.  They all lived in this home.  My aunt even has a beautifully painted water color of this house.  By the time I was around, the house was completely painted white.

I rather miss visiting this home around the holidays.

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