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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

McGuire - New York City - Part 4

The New York State Census for 1892 might be a bit helpful except that I can't find Charles and Sarah in that census.  As best as I tell, Manhattan (New York County) is not online at clearly states which counties of New York that they have online for the NY State Census and NYC (Manhattan) is not part of them.

By the 1905 New York State Census, I find Charles living wife his daughter (Margaret Hogan) and her family.  He was living with them in 1910 as a widower in the U.S. Census.  The Hogan's were also living with Charles and Sarah in the 1900 U.S. Census.  

Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Charles Maguire M 60y Ireland
Head John Hogan M 38y United States
Wife Margaret Hogan F 29y United States
Son Robert Hogan M 6y United States
Daughter Madeline Hogan F 4y United States
Son Charles Hogan M 2y United States
Daughter Emily Hogan F 0y United States

At this point, Charles is indicated as having been in the U.S. for 57 years and is a citizen.  He was originally from Ireland.  His occupation is indicated as "park laborer".  He's still living on Greenwich Street.  The house number is 653 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, New York.
The 1865 and 1875 New York State Census do not include New York County.  I think that I've exhausted the New York State Census for now.

Not to get too far off the path to my family tree, I found the death record of a Richard McGrath.  He died on 22 Apr. 1904 in New York City at the age of 60.  He was born in 1844 but does it not say where.  The source film is 1304643.

Another quick suggestion that my husband made involves the Civil War.  He suggested that maybe Charles McGuire was in the Union Army and that's what took him from NYC to Pennsylvania.  Now, wouldn't that be interesting to find out that he fought in the Civil War?  Only time will tell but the time-frame is actually correct.

I do wonder if it might be easier to trace my McGrath line but I must remain focused on the McGuire's as I have not finished locating them.  I am stuck trying to find Charles McGuire in 1860.  I might just need to wait awhile.

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