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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SOS, Time, and Writers Block

Currently, I have a bit of writers block.  I'm just not sure what to write about at this time in my blog.  I look at the daunting task of working on the timeline of my great great grandparents and where they lived in Napa.  It is a bit of a challenge as I need to organize the information and "proof" that I have at hand.  It may take some time and reading.

Time is of the essence in the present and my family tree and research must wait a few weeks.  I pause now to focus on present day tasks and getting ready for a quick trip.  My daughter and I will be off to SOS next week.

SOS is Sierra Outdoor School in the Sonora, California.  It is located near Calaveras Big Trees.  Her second grade class has the privilege of attending this school.  I will join her as a chaperone.  It should prove to be an interesting experience in nature.


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