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Wednesday, April 23, 2014's DNA Results

Recently, I noticed that my husband's DNA results on had been updated.  As they build their database, more information becomes available even going back to my husband's DNA test results from over a year ago.

As a result, his current results are more specific than they were a year and a half ago.  While he still only matches up with some 4th cousins in the database, which are not a close relatives at all, the matches continue to build. 

His current ethnicity results have pretty much eliminated the possibility that he is of Native American decent. Family legends can generate rumors within a family that pass on down the line.  From Betsy Ross as a relative to Native American heritage, sometimes people just have a wish list.  Well, the wish list is just that.

DNA and factual documentation tell the truth.  Since Betsy Ross was only a Ross by marriage and did not have children with Ross, she is not a relative.  That was fairly easy to eliminate.  The Native American heritage has been challenging to prove.  At this point, it has been dis-proven.  

The following are his updated ethnicity results. 

Europe 99%
Great Britain 62%
Europe West 19%
Ireland 11%
Trace Regions 7%
Italy/Greece 2%
Scandinavia 2%
European Jewish 1%
Iberian Peninsula 1%
Finland/Northwest Russia < 1%
West Asia  <1 div="">

Does this give us the full picture?  To me, it is still pretty general.  What we do know in tracing my husband's line is that he does have Scottish ancestry for sure.  Our last name is German.  We know they come from southern Germany. 

My husband has indicated over and over that he is Irish.  Turns out that he is just a little bit.  Since I have not done the DNA test, I have no real frame of reference.  I would assume my DNA test would plant me mainly in Ireland.

When it comes to DNA, I am still not sure how this tool would aid me in my search to go back further in time.  I suppose more research is needed before I jump on the bandwagon. 

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