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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fixing Photos and Other Stuff

It has been a really long time since I posted but I am still alive and well.  My children's activities and my many volunteer jobs keep my time full these days.  I work on my genealogy about 2 hours per week.

I am slowly going through everything that I have in boxes again.  I've restored my mom's photo album so that it can be used again.  The cover was completely broken off and the photos were falling off the pages.  Now, she has a new album that I found on Amazon.  It was challenging because of the nonstandard size.  The photos are back on the pages and the book is back in her possession.  Someday, I will go through that album and scan each photo.

During the Fall, I scanned my dad's photo collection of his time in the Air Force during Vietnam.  I created a photo journal on Shutterfly and printed books for myself and family.  The books turned out great including some of the sillier photos.  It is hard to believe that he passed away just over 11 years ago.

I challenged myself last week to finally get a photo out of a frame.  The photo was stuck on the glass.  Over the years as the photo slowly became dry and somewhat brittle, it has released.  To get the remainder of the photo off of the glass, I used a hair dryer.  With some damage, I fixed the photo with some acid free markers but not before I scanned it.  I was also able to fix the scanned version in Photoshop.  Jack and Minnie Flanagan are now free of their frame if they need to be.  I was able to return the original in the frame back to my mom.  She'd been missing that photo for quite some time even though she knew where it was.

Before the fix
After the Fix 
I have more things to "fix", scan, and return to my mom.  So, for now, my blog will sit.

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