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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

McLaughlin's Go West - Part 4

In addition to Thomas and James McLaughlin heading west to Nevada, their brothers Hugh and Frank also joined them in the Austin area.  James, Hugh, and Frank had made the trek from Newport, New York, to Austin, Nevada, around 1877-78.  Thomas had moved west in 1870.  Hugh stuck close to Thomas working on his land in Nevada and joining him in Napa to again work with Thomas.  Hugh died in Napa, California on July 12, 1888, of diphtheria.  He never did marry or have any children.

What happened to Frank?  Francis "Frank" McLaughlin never married or had children.  In Austin, Nevada he apparently owned a saloon.  The following is his obituary:

Frank’s obituary appears in the ‘Reese River Reveille’ dated 06 Feb 1880: “UNINTENTIONAL SUICIDE. - Frank McLaughlin, a saloon keeper of Upper Austin, shuffled off this mortal coil last night by taking laudanum, (an opium derivative). For some time past, so we are informed, he has been unable to sleep
and last evening he took a dose of the fatal drug to bring on tired nature’s sweet restorer. He took a little too much and fell into his last long sleep which knows no waking. Deceased has a brother (James) residing in this city and another (Thomas) at Grass Valley, in this county. He was about 45 years of age.”

To be continued............

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