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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Future Home of a St. Regis Hotel - Stanly Ranch

As of April 2010, a St. Regis Hotel is slated to be built on the Stanly Ranch in Napa, CA.  I can see in many articles for the Napa Register that this is being met with some resistence.  Affordable housing is hard to come by in Napa so there is group representing that cause.  Then there are the environmentalists.  The Stanly Ranch is on and/or adjacent to protected wetlands.  Also, the agricultural preservationists are there protecting the farmland and jobs.  Let's not forget the historical landmark people either.  They want to save the history of the Stanly Ranch.

In my own opinion if they can't get the Ritz Carlton built in Napa, how are they going to get a St. Regis built?  There are quite a number of high end places to stay up valley including bed and breakfasts.  It's not exactly affordable to stay the night in the Napa Valley as it is.  St. Regis would probably trump any price already charged.  Maybe it will happen and maybe it will be put on hold indefinitely.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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