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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coughlin Hickey Research - Part 2

Below is the rest of my research for the Coughlin and Hickey family line.  I am placing it out here with hopes that someone knows more about them.

1. A Coughlin married a McManus in Ireland.

2. The Coughlin's had 16 children – Anna, Bridget, Daniel, Edward, James, John, Kathleen, Lena, Margaret, Mary Ann, Michael, Patrick, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy, and Johanna.

3. I know that Johanna Coughlin married Patrick Hickey in Rye, New York, on November 26, 1911.

4. Johanna Coughlin was born around 1889 in County Clare, Ireland and passed away sometime in 1971-1972 in Brooklyn, NY. I have found two different potential pieces of information for her year of death. I have seen Johanna’s name written in census information as Josephine T. Hickey. It is her in the census because all Patrick's and Johanna’s children are listed including my grandmother, Josephine Hickey. I am not sure if this is just the transcriber making it easier to write it or a misinterpretation of her name on the part of the census person. She is listed as Johanna on other years' census. I have found information that she immigrated to the U.S. in 1905 and that Patrick Hickey did in 1904.

5. I have been told that Margaret Coughlin, Johanna’s sister, immigrated to the U.S. before her and was a housekeeper in Rye, NY, for different families. I think that I found her on a census but am not sure if it is her.  I do have her as a witness to Patrick and Johanna Hickey's wedding in Rye, New York.

6. Other information: I have a possible match on information for a Coughlin Family living in Co. Wexford, Ireland in the 1901 Irish Census. I am not sure if it is them. A lot of the names look like nicknames and the parents names are John and Bridget.

7.  I do know that while Patrick Hickey was baptized in Whitegate, County Clare, Ireland, he may have actually been from Tipperary or lived there.  Tipperary is indicated on what appears to be his WWI draft registration.  His origins and locating his family in Ireland really evade me.

8.  Michael Hickey was a witness to Patrick and Johanna's wedding in Rye, New York in 1911.  My uncle advised me that Patrick did have a brother who lived in Woodside, NY.  He may have been an NYC fireman.  I also have have a sister by the name of Mary Hickey for Patrick.

9.  I have my own handwritten notes from 1990.  My Grandparents, Francis Robert McGuire and Josephine Hickey provided the following information:

-Patrick Hickey - b. Clare, Ireland, married Rye, NY; d. 1965 at the age of 81
-Johanna Coughlin - b. 1890, Clare, Ireland, d. 1972
-Children of Patrick and Johanna Hickey - Anna, Eleanor, Josephine, William, Margaret, Kathleen, Mary, Martin Hickey

    Coughlin Family Children circa 1870-1890:

    -16 children

    -They were all from County Clare, Ireland.

    -Children's names:  Anna, Bridget, Daniel, Edward, James, John, Kathleen, Lena, Margaret, Mary Ann, Michael, Patrick, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy, and Johanna.

    -The following are the children who ended up in Rye, New York:  John, James, Stephen, Thomas, Anna, Bridget, Margaret, Kathleen, and Edward.

   -The following are the children who ended up in New York City:  Johanna and Lena

   -The following children stayed in Ireland:  Timothy and Mary Ann

   -It is unknown what happened to the following:  Daniel, Michael, and Patrick

10.  Margaret Coughlin was known as Aunt Peg to my father's family.  She worked as a domestic in Rye. 

11.  Stephen Coughlin -  My uncle indicated that a Coughlin brother worked on a farm in Rye.  I believe that I located Stephen Coughlin working as a gardener in a U.S. Census for this location.

12.  A Martin Hickey was a sponsor for my grandmother’s (Josephine Hickey) baptism on November 15, 1915, at St. Anthony’s Church (153 Sullivan Street, New York).  This may have been another of Patrick Hickey's brothers.

So do I have more information about the Hickey's and Coughlin's?  Not really.  I do have information about my own grandmother, Josephine Hickey McGuire.  I have a copy of her baptismal certificate.  She was baptized at an Italian Catholic Church in the Village (Greenwich Village).   The original copy has the church named in Italian.  A more current version of the certificate is in English.  I have a copy of each.  I have many photos of my grandmother also.

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