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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maguire McGuire

I've known for a long time that I am both a Maguire and a McGuire.  I know that may sound funny but it is true.  When I look up heraldry information for McGuire it refers me to the Maguire surname.  I suppose even back in time on my McGuire lineage, I am a Maguire at some point.  That is, if I go back several hundred years give or take.  However, I am actually a Maguire as my great-great-great (G3) grandmother was Anne Maguire.

My McGuire family tree information is rather limited on my Dad's side of the family.  I have Francis "Frank" Joseph McGuire on my tree who was born on August 1, 1878, in New York.  His parents were apparently born in Ireland and emigrated to the United States.   What their names were eludes me.   Maybe my great-great-grandfather's name was Frank. Or was it Charles?  My grandfather's brothers' names were John and Charles.  His sister's names were Cecilia and Marion.  My grandfather was Francis "Frank" Robert McGuire (b. 1908).  I keep finding Charles McGuire on U.S. Census but have no good information about my great-grandfather's own family unit to know for sure if that was his father.  I don't know Frank Joseph's siblings' names either.

What I have determined is that locations like Brooklyn, New York, and Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York, were locations that my McGuire family lived.  My grandfather told me in 1990 that his parents were Frank McGuire and Mary Romaine.  He did not know the first names of his grandparents because he did not call them by those names.  His grandfather was a McGuire from County Fermanagh and his grandmother was a McGrath.  They were apparently both from Ireland.  This is all that I've got.

Do I have much more on my Maguire's?  Not yet, but I bet I could get my hands on that information.  On my mom's side of the family, Anne Maguire was born in 1810 and lived across the road from her future husband, John Flanagan (b. 1805) in Termonfechin, County Louth, Ireland.   In 1829, she married John and moved across the road.  They had eleven children for which I have the family tree.  These individuals are Flanagan's but also Maguire's.  What does the rest of the Maguire family tree look like?

The Flanagan Family Letter Collection from 1864-1909 mentions some Maguire's.  In 1870, there is reference to a marriage of Kate Maguire of the Mill to Pat Johnson of Canontown.  In an 1874 letter, the Maguire cousin's who lived across the road are mentioned.  I find Thomas, John, and Judith Maguire indicated in the letter.  An 1881 letter from California to Ireland mentions the Maguire's as if some of them were headed there. 

In 1888, Thomas Maguire of Termonfechin married Jane Sheridan who was the sister of Bridget Sheridan, Peter Flanagan's wife.  Thomas and Peter were cousins.  This letter indicates that Thomas is the only one at home in Ireland.   John Maguire was in Chicago.  In 1889, John Maguire is indicated as being in Chicago again.  The letter indicates that there are also four Sheridan's in Chicago too.  A letter from 1893 mentions an Andy Maguire in Chicago.

It would appear that the Maguire and Flanagan families of Termonfechin were close to the Sheridan's too.   The Maguire's and Sheridan's seem to have emigrated to Chicago at the time.  However, even today the Flanagan's live right next door to the Maguire's in Termonfechin.  Also, there appears to be some additional connections to the Sheridan's.  That completely amazes me and I love these types of family connections.  Who's got that Maguire Family Tree?

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