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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Write It Down For Heaven's Sake!

I know it sounds like common sense but writing down a story or two about your ancestors is key to passing on your family history.  Whether the story is anecdotal or much longer, knowing more about the people who came before you can explain so much about family traditions, family traits, and even just provide for a wonderful connection to the past.  We can also learn from our family's past experiences.

Recently, my husband and I were at child's birthday party.  That child is so fortunate to have his great grandparents still in his life.  As a three year old, he has no clue about how lucky he really is.  Most children and many young adults don't understand that the older generations in our families have so much to share.  They have stories that could be lost forever.  At this particular party, the great grandfather was talking to my husband and shared many stories very quickly.  My husband said that he really enjoyed talking to him but he didn't write anything down nor did any of his family in the room at the time.

To be honest, we just don't think about writing these things down.  I wish that I had more time to spend with everyone who is still living and connected to my Flanagan's, McLaughlin's, Borchers', and Vienop's.   I would be writing things down like a mad woman.  Time is not on my side though.  I have children of my own and other commitments.  While the clock is ticking, I encourage everyone to write down some of their family stories before they are lost.

Write it down for heaven's sake!

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