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Saturday, August 27, 2011

McMahon Heraldry with a Twist

In my recent research, I found out that I'm a McMahon descendant.  My McMahon's lived in Ballyvannan, County Clare, Ireland.   They lived in a place/property location called "Revail" or "Reveal" and was considered to be near Caherhurly Road.   I think I've got most of that correct.  Also, they were part of the Bodyke Roman Catholic Church in the parish of Tomgraney.  I must admit to this is all rather new information for me. 

With all of this in mind, I decided to gather some information about the McMahon's.  It is the anglicized name for MacMathghamhna which is the name in Old Gaelic.  It means "bear".  So my question, is that the animal, the bear?  The McMahon name comes from Clare and Monaghan.   There were two different septs with this name.   I am assuming that somewhere along the way, they are related to each other.   

The first record of the McMahon's of Ireland is in 1170.  There is a bit of scandalous story to go along with the McMahon's.  A Norman by the name of Reginald Fitzurse fled to Ireland after the murder of Thomas a'Beckett.  It is legend that Fitzurse fled to Ireland and is the father of the McMahon sept.  Now that must make an interesting story. 

When I look up additional information for the McMahon's, I find the name in Scotland too.  So it looks like Clare, Monaghan, Scotland and, of course, all of those McMahon's in America, is where you would find this family line.

Here are some resources online:

The McMahon name is plentiful in Ireland and the U.S.  I am seeking mine in County Clare.

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