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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Irish Settlement and Beyond

I recently updated my index page for blog posts associated with my McLaughlin, Maxwell, Gartlan, and Fox family lines which includes information about the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York.  I added a preface to the index to explain what my diary of research is all about.  I also split up my Maxwell and McLaughlin research to make reviewing the index easier.  There are many duplicate posts that are shared by my ever so closely connected Maxwell and McLaughlin line.  The following is the preface to the index followed by a link to it.  You can also reach the index off the main page of my blog.


The Irish Settlement and Beyond

Index to Zelsersk's Genealogy Blog Posts
Relating to the Irish Settlement
 Newport, Herkimer County, New York and Beyond.

If you found this blog and this index page, then you might be looking for those Irish families who left Ireland and ended up at the Irish Settlement in Newport, Herkimer County, New York and the surrounding areas. 

I am a McLaughlin, Maxwell, Gartlan, and Fox descendant.  It was not until April 2010 that I discovered the Irish Settlement.  I thought to myself, "Where is that and what is that place?"  I wanted to know more.  I found and sought any McLaughlin's and Maxwell's who could tell me more.  I succeeded and found more information than I ever could have hoped for.  These blog posts below reflect gathered information and research from various people and sources.  I also have some Shaffrey research at the very bottom.  They were from County Meath too and related by marriage to the Maxwell's.

Each title below is a clickable hyperlink that takes you to the original post.  Feel free to comment on these posts and enjoy reading them.  The posts are listed in chronological order of my discoveries and broken up into each family line.  Know that while the information may not be perfect, it is approaching exceptional as the information about my family tree has been researched by many a Maxwell and McLaughlin relative.  From the first post to the recent posts, the information is updated and corrected as I diary my work in this blog.  The posts also include family lines that went West and to Montello, WI.

I give special thanks to a few researchers who have contributed to my collection and paved the way for the rest of us to easily find our family roots.  I respect the privacy of those living individuals but will outwardly acknowledge that there is a McLaughlin descendant who has provided several of us with a wonderful 34 page document of the "Descendents of Thomas McLaughlin".  I also thank a living Maxwell for his help in pinpointing our Maxwell's and sending me in the absolute correct direction to find my McLaughlin's.

A living relative who does not want to remain anonymous here is Paul T. McLaughlin.  He is a Maxwell and a McLaughlin descendant like myself.  His information, photos, and support have been wonderful.  I am forever grateful. 

I also must thank those who came before me, but have since passed, and heavily researched our family line.  They are Ellen Maxwell Flanagan and Thomas Malloy.  It is a real pleasure to walk in their foot steps and have some of their research at hand.

The Irish Settlement and Beyond 

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