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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Good Day for Genealogy

Today, could actually be the coldest day of the year for the Sacramento Valley in California.  I woke up to 20 degree weather.  While the sun is shining, the grass is coated with white.   As my children would say, Jack Frost visited us last night as he has every night since around the end of December.  Even at 9am, it's only 23F (-5C) degrees.  Brrrrrrr!

How does this relate to genealogy?  Well, not much except to shed some light on why my ancestors came Northern California and to give me a great reason to stay inside today and work on my research.

My ancestors certainly knew a good thing.  Northern California has upwards of 10 months of growing season with 2 months off.  If you are in Southern California, there is no time off because of the much warmer weather.  That time off also gives the soil and plants their dormancy required for some great crops in the Spring.  Now, if we'd just get some of our typical winter rain.  It's pretty dry out there right now.

So, on these cold days, gardening is out and genealogy is in.  I am not setting much in the way of goals for today but I do have a bit of information to look over relating to my Vienop line.

Happy researching to all!

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