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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Napa Vienop's

Can I just say that I love photos?  I do.  The following photo is awesome.  Thanks to my uncle for sending it.

There were ten original Vienop's who arrived in Napa, California at the beginning of 1901 with six of them in this photo. This family includes my direct family line.  Mary was my great grandmother.  Anna and John (Henry) were my great great grandparents.

For any Vienop's researching our line, feel free to contact me.  Our line only has a few people that we know of researching the Vienop's/Vinup's in the U.S.  Napa, CA and Daykin, Nebraska appear to be key places to find all of our related Vienop's outside of Germany.


  1. Yes, there aren't too many of us left!
    John Vienop
    Jamestown CA

  2. Thanks for commenting. I see your grandfather and my great grandmother in the photo. They were brother and sister. :-)