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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Napa Origins and Surnames - Part 2 - Flanagan

I have written down so much information about my Flanagan's in this blog that when I go back and re-read my posts, I am even amazed.  I am most amazed at the number of stories that I have about them.  While I do now have an excellent family tree developed on for my Flanagan's, I do need to go back and apply any sourcing to the tree to make it all good.

Patrick and Kate (Catherine Mary O'Brien) Flanagan arrived in San Francisco, California in 1870.  They had immigrated from Australia.  While this was not their first immigration, as Kate had left Ireland with her family when she was about 11 years old for the world "Downunder" and Pat had done so as a young adult, it was their last big move.   They were married shortly thereafter and moved to Napa, California.  Patrick purchased some land from Judge Stanly where he made his initial farm.  The farm was in the now famed Carneros Region of Napa right next to and/or near the Stanly Ranch.  By 1871, Patrick's brother, Michael Flanagan, had joined them from Australia.  He worked for the Stanly Ranch as the manager.  By the early 1870s, Patrick had traded up his land with Stanly again for something a bit larger.  Even today, the Flanagan Ranch house sits off Hwy 12/121 at Cuttings Wharf Road in Napa, pretty much next to the Stanly Ranch. 

When it comes to my Flanagan's in Napa, I do feel like I have yet to discover fully what I can about Patrick, Kate and their children.  Patrick stands out for me though.  I don't even have a photo of him.  I wonder what information is lurking out there unbeknownst to the holder.   What do I mean by that?  I mean that until I actually opened "my box of treasures" and read every word on every page, I did not know who all of the Flanagan children were.  Is there a Flanagan in a similar situation who has yet to open and discover what they have?  I wonder.

Let's just say, Jack (John Francis) Flanagan's side of the family has probably exhausted our information and I've posted the "heck out of it" here in my blog.  I accept anything scanned as a document and in JPEG photo form over email for anyone who has Napa Flanagan information.  In turn, I can share with you my research.  Where would you like me to begin?

If you are interested in reading about my Flanagan's, link below to my index of hyperlinked posts.

Napa Flanagan's and County Louth Ancestor Lines

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