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Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Napa Origins and Surnames - Part 5 - Borchers

As near as I can tell, my great grandfather, Herbert Herman Leohardt Borchers, was the first Borchers to live in Napa, California.  He was the baby in his family.  He was born in Minnesota, moved to North Dakota, and then onto Santa Rosa, California.  It would appear that his parents followed the older children, in particular, the oldest daughter, wherever they moved.  I am very interested in who's idea it was to move to Santa Rosa, California.  I would have to say that was a good choice!

My great grandfather lived with his parents in Santa Rosa even after he was married.  He and his wife, Mary, lived as a married couple there briefly before moving to Napa.  Herb's parents, Henry and Anna, signed their home in Santa Rosa over to Herb and Mary in exchange for them to care for them for the rest of their lives.  Mary Vienop had lived most of her life in Napa and they ended up making their home in Napa around 1920.  Henry and Anna Borchers did live with them until they passed away.

I know a lot about my great grandfather, Herbert Borchers.  He was a jeweler and watchmaker in Napa for many, many years.  He was very tall and thin.  As a rather quiet person, he did interact me when I was little and made me smile.  I have photos and memories of him for sure.

I suppose that I do have more to say about my Borchers of Napa, California.  I'll have to gather my information together and write it down.  Suffice to say that I have found the that the following siblings of Herbert Borchers, Sr. either moved to California or remained in North Dakota.  The Northe Dakota location was the place where the family moved after all of the children were born in Minnesota.

California Borchers
-Herbert Borchers
-Clara Borchers Gruenhagen
-Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borchers Strehlow
-William Borchers
-Albert Borchers
-Tillie Borchers Weber (later Adams)

North Dakota
-Henry Christian Ludwig Borchers
-Martha Borchers Joersz

It is interesting to note that later generations of the North Dakota Borchers appear to have moved West too.  Are there still Borchers in North Dakota?

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