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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Irish Settlement Cemetery - Newport, New York

As is my practice these days, I am posting a recent email correspondence about a very important subject in my family research - Old St. Patrick's Cemetery at the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York.

May 19, 2012

Hi P and J,

I recently received a message online from someone that Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery at the Irish Settlement is in jeopardy of basically disappearing.  From what it sounds like, there are only around 50 identifiable headstones of the 240 or so buried in this location. 

Some sort of volunteer project took place at one point…maybe by the Boy Scouts…..which involved moving and lining up all of the remaining headstones on the site.   I guess the headstones no longer rest where they were originally laid for the most part.  Anyway,  I am not sure that this is something new.  You may already know this.  The cemetery is quite old but still marked from the roadside from what I understand.

I thought that I’d share the comments below from one R.W.  She is a volunteer who helps on Find A Grave and found me online.  I was able to tell her who the Mahardy’s were but I don’t know about the rest she indicates in her information below.

She has photographed a few headstones for me at this location.

Given that McLaughlin’s and Maxwell’s are here and at St. John’s Cemetery, I thought I’d let you know. 

Also, I went through my notes again to locate where Joseph Patrick Maxwell is buried.  Everything I have points to St. John’s Cemetery in Newport.  While his wife, Judith “Julia” Shaffrey Maxwell, is buried at the Irish Settlement Cemetery, my notes indicate specifically that Joseph Patrick is buried at St. John’s.  I noticed online at Find A Grave that many, many Maxwell’s of our line are buried there but JP’s grave is not indicated.  It is sad to say but I wonder if it is unmarked.



Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2012 4:22 PM
Subject: Old St. Patrick's Cemetery

Here is the list that I would like to share with you to get your reaction to it. 

At the old St. Patrick's Cemetery a list of names was posted by somebody.  It looks like it has been there at least a couple of years but there is no indication who posted it or when it was posted (possibly part of the misguided Boy Scout project of years past).  There is no other information at all. There is no indication where the person who posted the list found the names and there are no dates. We found the Cullin/Cullen stones and the name is spelled both ways -- parents one way and children the other.  We'll blame that one on the stone carver.  I did not find both husband and wife Bahen/Beahen stones so I don't know if that is the fault of the stone carver or the person who made the list.  Mahada is probably Mike Mahardy since we know that he is buried in the cemetery and doesn't appear on this list.  John Broscaru's name may be spelled incorrectly, if not, then he is the only Romanian in Newport.  And I have never known anyone named Behamam -- in Newport or anywhere else. Here is the list:

Barney, Nancy
Barry, Patrick
Bartol, Andrew
Beahen, Elizabeth
Bahen, Patrick
Behamam, Catherine
Bell, Mary
Bowers, Ann
Boylan, Catherine
Boylan, Luke
Boylan, Margaret
Brayton, Lydia
Brayton, Mercy
Brayton, Neil
Broscaru, John
Bullard, Bezaleel
Butler, (Mrs.)
Butler, Mary
Carver, (Mrs.)
Cary, Daniel
Casey, William (Mrs.)
Clark, James
Clark, Michael (Mrs.)
Clark, Peter
Clarke, Mary
Clifford, Daniel
Clifford, Mary
Conway, Mary
Corcoran, Michael
Cullen, James
Cullin, Bridget
Cullin, James
Curtin, Mary M.
Daily, Jo (Mrs.)
Daley, Patrick
Daley, William
Daly, Elizabeth
Dempsey, (Mrs.)
Dempsy, (Miss)
Desmond, Jeremiah
Dewyer, Patrick
Dorcy, Morris
Doyle, May
Drum, William
Duffy, Nancy
Dwyer, Patrick
Eaton, Albert
Eaton, Luther
Fitzsimons, Cathenne
Flavin, Martin (Mrs.)
Fox, Charles
Fox, James
Fox, Michael
Fox, Thomas
Gartland, Hannah
Gartland, James
Hardy, (Mrs.)
Harkins, Avis
Harkins, James
Hawkins, Daniel
Hawkins, James
Lynch, (Mrs.)
Lynch, Morris
Mahada, Michael
Mahoney, Kate
Martin, Aaron
Martin, Daniel
Martin, Patrick
Maxwell, (Miss)
Maxwell, (Mrs.)
Maxwell, Catherine
Maxwell, Julia
Maxwell, Mary
McCabe, Andrew
McCaul, Bernard
McGinnis, Anne
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, Mary
McLaughlin, Michael
McNaley, Elizabeth
Mulerhill, Bridget
Mulerhill, Daniel
Murphy, Carrett
Murray, Mary
Nolan, Elizabeth
O’Riley, James
Pierce, Anne
Pierce, William
Riley, (Mrs.)
Riley, Bridget
Riley, Majorie
Rounds, Reuben
Scanlon, Martin
Spain, Charles
Spain, James (Mrs.)
Spain, Mary
Spain, Stephen
Spellman, Patrick (Mrs.)
Sullivan, James
Tassel, Ann
Ward (son)
Ward, Philip
Young, Caty

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