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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mysteries in my Family Tree - Part 3

Richard Flanagan who went to London is not much of a mystery in and of himself.  We know all about his origins, ancestry back to about 1690 Ireland, and who he married along with his immediate family.  Richard even had letters that are preserved that give you an insight into what he was like and the thoughts he shared with his uncle and brothers.  The letters are quite amazing.  For anyone related to him, I would imagine that even one letter might glean interest in this Richard Flanagan.

Richard Flanagan of Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland was not the first Richard Flanagan from this part of the world.   I count at least six Richard Flanagan's in my family line.  Three of them in Napa, California and three of them in Termonfechin.   They each have very specific stories and histories in and of themselves.  One of the three from Termonfechin moved to London.  He is the Richard Flanagan who might have descendants that we'd like to find.   The mystery continues as I run aground in search of any family.

This Richard Flanagan was born in 1830 Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland, the oldest child of John Flanagan and Anne Maguire.  By at least 1861, he is living in London, England working for the Crown.  Specifically, he was a customs officer.  On January 24, 1871, he married Maria Cutler.  They lived in Hackney St. John, Deptford, London, England.  Now, I have no idea if I indicated this location correctly.  London is a big place with titles for different areas of the city.  I see Hackney and Deptford mentioned all over source documents along with Lewisham.  Because I am no expert in geography for London, I am at a bit of a loss in my exact description of where they lived.  I can map these locations on Google Maps and pretty much find the general area of London in which they lived.  That said, I am pretty sure that I would never be able to find it on my own if I went there.

So, on 7 Sept. 1873, Kathleen Anne Flanagan was born.  I have her birth location as Poplar, London, England.  Richard and Maria had only one child.  On 7 July 1878, Richard Flanagan died in London, England.  His health had been failing him as he indicated to his family in letters.  I am not certain that we know what he died of.  My husband said to me that if he was a customs officer, can you imagine what he might have been exposed to doing that job?  That's an interesting point.

At some point, Maria must have communicated with the Flanagan's in Termonfechin about Kathleen's marriage to Henry Wingrove on 6 June 1900.  The Flanagan's also knew about her son, Norman Richard Wingrove, born 10 March 1902.  That's where the trail found in the family records ended until I picked up the torch to find the Wingrove's.  I found a few more of Kathleen's children , Norah and Eric, but the trail stops for me in 1911 moving forward in time to present day.  Do we have some unknowing Wingrove/Flanagan relatives in modern times?   That remains a mystery.

My full research is contained in this blog at the following links:

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I have sought and continue to seek this Wingrove Family.  We have a very interesting Flanagan Family History to share.

Next up....Owen McLaughlin.............

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