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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Germany Research - Rohman

While it is premature for me to jump to Germany in search of my Prussian (modern day German) ancestors on my Rohman (or it is Romaine, Roman..?),  I have had some passing contact with those who've indicated the Rohman's might originate in Offenthal, Germany near Frankfurt.  So before I get too excited, I just wanted to make the note here for future reference.

Germany is not a very big place and most of it was Prussia until after WWI.  Knowing that my Vienop's and Borchers referred to themselves at Prussians after their immigrations to the U.S. in the late 1880s makes me understand U.S. Census information much better.  After WWI, the Vienop's referred to themselves as German rather than Prussian.  In fact, my great great grandfather originally immigrated from Prussia in 1878.  He visited there in 1925 when it had become, once again, Germany.

I take this knowledge with me in search of my Rohman's who were Prussian from modern day Germany.  Now, were they from Offenthal?  That remains to be seen.  My search continues in the New York City area and along the Jersey Shore.  Germany must wait.

2G Grandfather - Joseph Rohman - Prussian Immigrant to NYC
Great Grandmother - Mary Elizabeth Rohman - Born in NYC 1878

I do think that my Rohman's were Roman Catholic's from Prussia as opposed to Lutheran.  Brooklyn, New York does seem to be a place for me to continue my search.

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