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Friday, September 28, 2012

Rerun Friday - My Box of Treasures

"My Box of Treasures" was originally posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sterilite......Storage Box.....Ideal For Sweaters, Shirts, Lingerie.......16in.x11in.x6in.......1654...White...Made in U.S.A

With a lingering hint if cigarettes covered up by the scent of an envelop of lavender, my "box of treasures" is not remarkable in appearance by any means. My Grandma was a heavy smoker so everything in my grandparents house smelled of cigarettes. The box containing family tree information is no exception. The smell is slowly subsiding though since it has been years since a cigarette was near the box.
I have not exactly exhausted all of the information in the box but am getting close after all of these months. What remains for me to do is to go through the box once more, scan everything into the computer and photocopy everything for myself. I should also create a CD to store away too. Technically, the box belongs to my Mom and I should return it to her soon so that I may borrow the box that she has about my grandparents. 
It would be so wonderful to go through the box about my grandparents, Richard Joseph Flanagan and Dorothy Marie Borchers. The issue that I know I will have in looking through that information is the emotional response. That information will probably only generate a few posts. I have discovered that it is hard for me to write about people that I knew well. 
I do have some photos and am trying to figure out the best way to place them in my blog or on I have posted the majority of the the loose photos on Ancestry. I also have photo albums. Another project is to figure out the best method of duplicating these photos without removing them from the albums. These projects will most definitely take me away from my daily blog posts. For now, I think I have more to write about.

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