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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ancestry DNA - Follow-up

It has been about a year since we received the results of my husband's DNA analysis on  His results have not been updated as could be possible with the "uncertain" category. 

His results are as follows:

British Isles            74%
Central European   16%
Uncertain               10%

We took a bit of a chance (for only $99) and sent his DNA sample into the people.  Now, we had fairly basic expectations as I had done some reading about DNA in relationship to tracing one's family tree.  They have met our expectations given the price point and knowing that they are in the process of building their database.  This does rely on submissions which could be "hit or miss".

For now, we are at a miss in matching much of anyone up to my husband's common ancestors in the "way back machine" of his family tree.  While he has plenty of surnames, a variety of locations (but not too many per se), and some very specific information about his family tree, we have yet to find matches that are a close relative with a common surname.

My husband's "Ross" surname comes from Scotland and you'd think we would have found some matches in DNA there.  Well, not yet.   Again, the database relies on submissions.  Also, this database is not exactly fully searchable.  The system currently indicates the closest matches at 4th cousins.  Those people are pretty distant cousins and might as well be anyone including my next door neighbor for whom we are not related.

There are currently 23 people indicated as between 4th-6th cousins of my husband.  That's as close at we've gotten.  Additionally, 10 of those people have not attached a family tree on which would at least indicate surnames.  That leaves the remaining 13 people who appear to be a shot in the dark if they are of any relation to my husband.

So, we wait...?  Yeah, probably not worth waiting around for this.  I am not planning to submit my DNA to anytime soon.  There is, however, another possibility for DNA matching.  I might just try it and, of course, will report back!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! I need to spend more time with DNA research. I'm about convinced that is the only way I am going to prove one of my lines.

    Regards, Grant