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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Shaffrey Line - Part 2

In the past number of months, I have been sitting on my Shaffrey research.  It was a daunting task to review LDS Film #926176.  The handwritten ledger that makes up the church register is pretty atrocious.  I am betting that I only captured about 75% of the useful information that could be contained in this document for my own family research.  The reason why is because I could not easily, or even with some great effort, transcribe the chicken scratch. 

After a bit of burnout and crossed eyed fun, I put this information aside for a while.  I needed to rest and rediscover my motivation to complete my family tree research.  It probably also did not help that I dropped our 6 year old laptop in February making it no longer portable.  It still works but is a rather pathetic desktop computer now.  I have one of those already so the laptop sits until we get another one.  It is coming soon.  I really can't wait to sit outside with the computer again.

Before I continue with a review of my research and findings, I should clearly reference the film that I did review.  It is below:

Source: LDS Church Film #926176, Parish of Moynalty Register, County Meath, Ireland 
Source Type: Roman Catholic Church Records
Film Contents:
1 -Parochial Registers of Coole (1864-1883)
2 -Church Baptisms for the Parish of Moynalty (1829-1880)
3 –Marriages for Parish of Moynalty (1829-1883)
4 –Deaths, Moynalty – 1829 – some time in the late 1800s
5 –Some memorabilia from the 1800s

I hope that someday another Shaffrey descendant will be willing to review the film.  It will be useful if I post access to my findings and then they can have a comparison.  I plan to post most of what I have here with an offer to email the spreadsheet to a Shaffrey descendant who contacts me directly.  A second or even third set of eyes on this film would be great.  I must say that if you have a degree in handwriting transcription, we'd be set!

The other point that I should mention is that I'm not LDS.  I did use their library and assistance for free with a minimal $8 cost to order the film reserved at that location for me to view for 3 months.  They were extraordinarily helpful.

I just wish that I had more time to spend at the library.  My time on genealogy is best spent at home these days since I have young children who need me to chauffeur them around in between school, activities and homework.  The LDS library is not really kid friendly.  I may be able to tune out my children a bit while I write this blog post but most people want peace and quiet at a library.

My next post will be the breakdown of my Shaffrey research from this film.

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