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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Occupations of my Newport, New York Relations

I recently completed a new search for Newport, New York and came upon the following with excerpts of my relatives found on my family tree.  Copy and paste does not always work so well but the information below is a nice add to my online diary.

James McLaughlin is my 3rd great grandfather.

Dennis Maxwell is my great great grandmother's (Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin) brother.

Hugh Gartlan is my 3rd great grandmother's (Mary Ellen Gartlan McLaughlin) brother.

Frank Gartlan is another of my 3rd great grandmother's (Mary Ellen Garltan McLaughlin) brother.

John Fox is most certainly a Fox relative related to James Gartlan and Hannah Fox Gartlan, my 4th great grandparents.

The number at the end of their occupation appears to reflect the number of acres they owned and farmed.



McLaughlin, James(Newport)dairyman and farmer 265

Maxwell, Dennis(Newport)dairyman and farmer 173


Gartlan, Hugh(Poland)dairyman and farmer 265

Gartlan, Frank(Newport)farmer 200

Fox, John(Newport)farmer 3

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