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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Shaffrey Line - Part 3

As I finished perusing some of the printed document/scans that I made of pages from the register on the LDS film, I found that the memorabilia section is virtually illegible and undecipherable to me.  Another person may have better luck at reading the information.  This section is only a few pages.  My copies are terrible.  One note that is clearly placed across the page is "To be sent to Monsignor McCullen Kells".  So, does this ledger now exists down the road in Kells or is it still in Moynalty?

The final section is deaths.  This section is very unclear.  I could only make out 6 possible people who might be related to my family tree.  I see an entry for Catherine Shaffrey of Dunsikin (last word is very hard to read) on 12 Jan 1841.  On 7 Nov 1847, John Maxwell of Shancarnan passed away.  In Jan 1850, Philip Shaffrey of Druminsiken passed away.  In Oct 1857, Phil Shaffrey of Rathburn passed away.  On 15 Jun 1860, John Shaffry of Carickgar (rather illegible) passed away.  On January 18 or 28, 1872, Peter Shaffrey of Dryralla (illegible) passed.

One could hope that the parents' names or other information would be indicated with the deaths but that is not the case for deaths.  The only indicator of use besides the name and date of death is the location of where they lived.  In some cases, the location is illegible.  I made an attempt to transcribe the locations.

My spreadsheet is now as complete as I can make it.  I have my transcribed raw data preserved and saved as read-only.  I can copy this data to another spreadsheet to sort the information.  The data needs some finessing, however.  I will probably get to that next.

For now, the data contains 17 marriages, 1 profession of faith (convert), 63 baptisms, and 6 deaths.  The data includes Maxwells and Shaffreys where they appear as the primary person for the life event or as a sponsor/witness, and in the case of baptisms, as the parent.

I was hopeful for more but I have this.  I can probably pick out two to three distinct families fairly easily including my own Maxwell family unit headed by Joseph and Judy "Shaffrey" Maxwell.

Gleaning more information from this data may be challenging.  Like I said, it needs finessing.  Any instance of the Shaffrey name needs a standardized agreed upon spelling rather than the variations (Shaffrey, Shaffy, Shaffry, Shaffery).  I will need to run through the entire batch of data and convert the spelling.  My choice is Shaffrey for the spelling.  First names also need some help along with locations.  I will get to that.

Basic Shaffrey Life Event Data:
Shaffrey Thos. Baptism 1831
Shaffrey Michl Baptism 1831
Shaffrey Simon Baptism 1831
Shaffrey Mary Marriage 1831
Shaffrey  Thos. Baptism 1833
Shaffrey Mary Baptism 1833
Shaffrey   Judy Marriage    1834
Shaffrey Catherine Marriage 1834
Shaffrey John Baptism 1834
Shaffrey Hugh Baptism 1834
Shaffrey Hugh Marriage 1836
Shaffrey Cathern Marriage 1838
Shaffrey Catherine Baptism 1839
Shaffrey Brigt Marriage 1839
Shaffrey Catherine Baptism 1839
Shaffrey Michl Baptism 1840
Shaffrey Betty Marriage 1841
Shaffrey Catherine Death 1841
Shaffrey Betty Baptism 1842
Shaffrey Cathn Baptism 1843
Shaffrey May Baptism 1843
Shaffrey Owen Marriage 1845
Shaffrey Philip Baptism 1846
Shaffrey Cathrine Baptism 1846
Shaffrey Andrew Baptism 1846
Shaffrey Anne Baptism 1847
Shaffrey  Philip Baptism 1850
Shaffrey Philip Death 1850
Shaffrey John Baptism 1853
Shaffrey John Marriage 1856
Shaffrey Phil  Death 1857
Shaffrey John  Death 1860
Shaffrey John Marriage 1861
Shaffrey  John Baptism 1870
Shaffrey Peter Death 1872
Shaffrey Philip Baptism 1874
Shaffrey Ellen Jane  Baptism 1876
Shaffrey Bridget Marriage 1880
Shaffrey Thomas Marriage 1882

Drawing some quick conclusions is possible.   I clearly found my Shaffreys.  I found my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Patrick Maxwell, as being from Shancarnan.  That location rings true even today for the Shaffrey name but the Maxwells do not seem to truly orignate from there.  It seems as though Joseph's wife, Judy Shaffrey, has origins in Shancarnan.  I spotted other Maxwells, but were they all Joseph and Judy's children?  Bill Maxwell was clearly an adult in 1831 before Joseph and Judy were married and had children.  I wonder if the John Maxwell who died on 7 Nov 1847 was a child or an adult.  He was from Shancarnan.

Basic Maxwell Life Event Data:
Maxwell Denis Baptism 1836
Maxwell James Baptism 1841
Maxwell Ellen Baptism 1846
Maxwell Cath Baptism 1849
Maxwell Judith Baptism 1851
Maxwell Joseph Marriage 1834  
Maxwell Bill Profession of Faith 1831
Maxwell John Death 1847

The 1834 marriage of Joseph Maxwell was to Judith Shaffrey.

I will hopefully be able to sort this data to filter out some answers.  For now, I offer this basic version of the data in this public post.  If anyone finds this, reach me at

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