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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Honestly, some Honesty

In my life, I try to surround myself with people of good loyal character who are honest and hold myself to that too.  Walking a fine line of honesty usually means that you are too close to the edge and may cross the line.  Crossing the line even a little leads to contradiction and deception even if the end result means you are just a bit insincere.

My quest to complete my family tree has not quite run into a full story of deception or impropriety.  I may run across something someday.  It could be interesting.  There is that McGuire great grandfather of mine after all.  For now, I leave you with this......

Sometimes the truth,
we are tempted to hide.
Due to our guilt,
or just simple pride.
An exaggeration,
may lead to a lie.
Those that affected,
may break down and cry.
When honesty,
we try to avoid.
are often destroyed.
Our intentions,
are not to distress.
The only solution,
is to genuinely confess.
If we continue these ways,
we shall never gain trust.
For healthy relationships,
it’s an absolute must.
When we have done wrong,
we should be honest and frank.
People will appreciate,
in the end they will thank.

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