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Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - Saying Goodbye for Now.

It is time to let go.  I have exhausted the information search in this tool.  I almost think that I should keep my subscription going but then remind myself that I have not used it in over six months.  So, must go.

Instead, I have purchased Family Tree Maker and downloaded all of my various family trees from  I can't wait to start my clean up of these trees offline and utilize the publishing features within this software.

I have a few more weeks of my subscription.  I will probably take some time to make sure that the information that I've downloaded is complete.  After that, the trees I have online are what they are.  I have set the privacy settings on them to private and not searchable.  That does not mean my profile won't be found.  My profile has my email address with it.

My new project will be to embark on a more personalized family tree.  We will see where it takes me.  This blog will still be my portal to connect with others and distant family.

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