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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

I think that I am ready to jump back into my genealogy.  My only concern is where to start.  I have lots of loose ends to tie up and/or re-investigate.  I also have lots of photos go to through.  Additionally, my work will be at a slower pace.

A decision on whether to keep my subscription going or allow it to expire needs to be made.  Even if it expires, my family trees will continue to live online.  Some have mistakes and need fixing.  I have to decide what to work on next before the expiration.

Photos are my priority.  My grandma's photo album is not getting any better in the state that its in.  My mom's photo album seems to be in worse shape than the aforementioned.  Scanning of photos and building a private photo sharing site seem to be a priority.

Creating a second Shutterfly book about my family for my children is also on the list.  That can probably wait until the Fall.  I'd like to present the book as a Christmas gift.  It will be the second volume.  The first book was designed to be more of an introduction to our ancestors.  It easily shows the connections of family from one generation to the next in photos.  I may have more challenges on my father's side as there are fewer photos.

My blog...This blog could use some cleaning up.  I've got old posts with outdated information that seem to hit people's search engines before more updated blog posts show up.  This concerns me.  I began posting in 2010 when I knew little information about my family lines.  By 2012, I had more complete information about all of my family lines and started making posts with complete and corrected information.  I should archive my older posts and call it day.

As you can tell, I have some work ahead of me.  Photos will ultimately take first priority.  I am faced with the reality that my living relatives will not be around forever and the photos of the past delight people.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  It really is more than that.  A photo can stir memories of a time, a place, and people that we had forgotten.

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