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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - A Valentine For My Researchers and Relatives

This year for Valentine's Day, I thought that I'd send a rather different kind of Valentine wish and thank you to all my followers, research collaborators, relatives, and those who I email and bug about our genealogy.  Without listing specific identities of my friends and family here, I am sending you a Valentine's wish with a code name or phrase in some cases.  Some of you will probably be able to guess who you are! :-)

- To my followers of this blog:  Happy Valentine's Day

My McGuire's:
- To my McGuire Family:  Happy V. Day......Let's start writing our McGuire/Hickey stories down!

- To my Uncle McG in VA:  I wish you Happy V. Day and thanks for your memories of your parents and our Hickey and McGuire Families.  Your info led me to the Hickey/Coughlin marriage in Rye, NY.  XOXOXOXOXOXO!

- To my Cousin A in Rye:  Happy V. Day!  Remember our deal, I know you do. :-) XOXOXO

My Maxwell/McLaughlin's:
- To my "Shirt-tail" Cousin Mac in TX:  You are awesome!  Happy Valentine's Day....without your information, I'd be lost! 

- To another somewhat distant cousin in Liberty - Hey JP, Happy Valentine's Day!

- To my all time wonderful researcher of the McLaughlin's - Mr. Rochester, NY, Happy Valentine's Day!

- To another McLaughlin cousin in NY who's from CA - Happy V. Day KME!  I know that I've been so busy lately and we really need to talk about our McLaughlin's!

- To my Oregon McLaughlin who led me to Mr. Rochester, NY - Happy V. Day Simplygib!

My Flanagan's

- To my Termonfechin Family - Happy Valentine's Day!  That includes you P, M, and the "D" man!

- To my new friends and family in Loma Rica and Citrus Heights - Happy V. Day to Nicholas' descendants!

- To my Flanagan Cousin in "The North Woods" - Happy V. Day!

My Flanagan/Maxwell/McLaughlin's

- To my Mom - Happy V. Day!  Thanks for the "box of treasures".

- To C. in San Mateo County -  Happy V. Day and feel free to email me anytime with memories of our family.

- To my "Red-Headed Cousin" in NYC - Happy V. Day!  Glad we found each other.  :-)

- To all of my Flanagan's and descendants of Jack and Minnie - Please share this blog with your relatives whether they are descendants of Kay, Robert, Dick, or John Flanagan.  We have so much to share.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Join in the fun too........Don't be shy.......Feel free to contact me. :-)

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