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Friday, February 11, 2011

Philip S. Duffy - A History - Part 1

I may have a mini obsession with sourcing and locating Philip and Katie Duffy of Napa, California.  It is not for an unfounded or unrelated reason though.   Katie Duffy (Catherine Maxwell at birth) was the sister of my great great grandmother, Ellen "Maxwell" McLaughlin.  Katie and Ellen must have been close, I am pretty certain of that.  The only picture of Ellen that I have is with Katie in Walter Springs, California.  They, in fact, both lived in Napa after living in Austin, Nevada having migrated from Newport, New York.  They were both born in County Meath, Ireland.

The other catch to this is that their husbands' were friends.  That friendship may have originated in their youth in Newport, New York.  This type of family connection spans many years and three different locations.  I actually have more information about Philip Duffy at my fingertips than I have about my own great great grandfather, Thomas Michael McLaughlin.

I hope to someday connect with a Duffy or Malloy and share information.  They may have photos of my great great grandparents.  A Malloy gave my grandfather, Richard J. Flanagan, some photocopied information years and years ago in Napa.  I am posting it here.

The first two documents are from a history book.  The photocopy has become faded but has some great historical information about Philip Duffy.  By the way, he did spell his first name with one "l" only.  Enjoy reading below.  I hope that it is legible.  I will make comments in my next post.....To be continued.

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