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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are? - Vanessa Williams Episode

I just thought that I'd put a quick note out here about last night's episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?".   I found Vanessa Williams' story about the search for her ancestors to be quite interesting and moving.  Freedom is what America is all about and her ancestors lived and pushed for that.   I always find Civil War stories fascinating.  I am not one for the gore of the blood and guts but I acknowledge the importance of that part of our history in the U.S. 

A somewhat surprising part of this episode was that they did not go back very far on her family tree.  I know that it can be hard to trace people back further in time beyond the mid 1800s but I am always amazed when the show does go back in time a few hundred years.  I know not every episode and family tree is the same.  Sometimes I think the show leaves information out.   They only have 42 minutes of the hour to present the information.  The other 18 minutes are for commercials.  Gotta love U.S. TV!

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