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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Things in Life are Free!

Somedays I do kick myself for not looking or trying things out sooner than later.  Then again, maybe the present rather than the past was the right time for a discovery.  A while back, I had someone suggest that I try the LDS Library for my great grandparents marriage certificate.  They have all marriages for New York City on file and charge about $4 for them.

Well before I decided to make the trek to the local LDS library near my place, I decided to use the online search at  I decided to keep it simple and typed in Mary Romaine.  A lot of census information popped up.  I have access to all of the census at and find it hard to weed through.  I narrowed my search to marriages for New York.

The following information popped up right in front of me......It's what I have been looking for, waiting for, and in search of all of these months.

Mary Romaine

New York Marriages, 1686-1980

parents: Joseph Romaine, Frances Lakervine

spouse: Francis Mcguire

marriage: 04 Sep 1903 — Manhattan, New York, New York

record title: New York Marriages, 1686-1980

groom's name: Francis Mcguire

bride's name: Mary Romaine

marriage date: 04 Sep 1903

marriage place: Manhattan, New York, New York

groom's father's name: Charles Mcguire

groom's mother's name: Sarah Mcgrath

bride's father's name: Joseph Romaine

bride's mother's name: Frances Lakervine

indexing project (batch) number: M00391-5

system origin: New_York-ODM

source film number: 1570985

What a find!  This is the information for my great grandparents Mary E. Romaine and Francis McGuire.  They were, in fact, married on September 4, 1903.  And thanks to my Granddad - Francis Robert McGuire - for telling me in 1990 that his grandmother's maiden name was McGrath.  There she is!

I have to say this is worth its weight in gold and it was free.......Some things in life are free....amazing!

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