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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Philip S. Duffy - A History - Part 2

When I read though the historical account of Philip Duffy, I can follow the path of his immigration and migration quite easily and see where he most definitely bumped into McLaughlin's and Maxwell's living Newport, New York along with others related to me.  He later found them in Austin, Nevada.  I am certain that he went there with purpose in cattle ranching by the late 1860s.  Is he the person who attracted Thomas Michael McLaughlin to Lander County, Nevada?  I wonder.  It seems very possible.

The Duffy ranch in Lander County, Nevada near Austin was called the Iowa Canyon Ranch.  He later named his ranch in Napa after this location as the Nevada Ranch.  The Nevada Ranch or Rancho Nevada, is at the end of Big Ranch Road in Napa, CA.  I find this historical account of Philip's life quite interesting.

Attached to the account of his life, I have his death certificate.  Below, I have included it in my post.

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