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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hickey Coughlin Research - Part 3

In my quest to find my Hickey's and Coughlin's, I recently placed some details on an message board in hopes of finding more connections to this family tree.  Below are my posts.....Sometimes I think my blog gets more attention than the message board at!

Patrick Hickey and Johanna Coughlin NYC
Post #1:
I am starting a new thread in hopes of pulling together more information about my great grandparents, Patrick and Johanna "Coughlin" Hickey. I would also like to try and push further back in time to Ireland before they immigrated to the USA. I plan to attach my research as replies to this message board post. My Hickey family tree on is under my sign-on, zelsersk as "Romaine McGuire Hickey Family Tree". My email address is My blog in which you can find a couple of entries about the Hickey's, is located at, entitled "Mine, Yours, and the Other Guys Genealogy". I am hoping to connect with some of my father's cousins who may know more about Patrick and Johanna. They had eight children, 6 of which were girls. The ladies went on to marry and that means that their Hickey maiden name changed to one of the following: McGuire, Fiztpatrick, Daily, Ford, Martini, and Kennedy. While my father knew all of his cousins, I have never meet them. I live in California and would like to connect some of the dots for my Hickey family tree. Any Coughlin information would be a great surprise and very welcome.
Post #2:
Patrick and Johanna's children were Anna Mary Hickey Kennedy, Eleanor Hickey Fitzpatrick, Josephine R Hickey McGuire, William Hickey, Margaret Hickey Ford, Kathleen Hickey Daily, Martin Hickey, and a Living Hickey/Martini. I will refrain from listing the final persons' full name out of respect and privacy for the living person. I do have more information. William Hickey was a postal worker who was killed in NYC around 1970. I do not have any information about his wife and/or children. I have Anna's husband and children's names. I have Eleanor's husband and children's names. I have the same for Margaret and Kathleen. Since my grandmother is Josephine Hickey McGuire, I of course have extensive information and photos. I have Martin's children's names but do not have his wife's name. As for the Martini's, I know that Michael Martini was my father's cousin who died on 9/11 at the towers in NYC. He was a firefighter. Any additional information would be great to have about this family. My own father, Brian E. McGuire, passed away in 2004 of cancer. He knew and could recall each and everyone of his Hickey cousins. I wish that I had written down all of the information.
Post #3:
The State of New York cannot find Patrick and Johanna "Coughlin" Hickey's marriage certificate. They were married in Rye, New York. Rye's website says that the state of NY has this information. I am disappointed to not be able to retrieve the marriage certificate. However, the Church of the Resurrection in Rye, New York, provided me with the following church marriage record for Patrick and Johanna.
"The date of the marriage was November 26, 1911. Priest was Fr. Meehan; witnesses were Michael Hickey and Margaret Coughlin. Patrick Hickey was baptized on November 20, 1884 in White Gate, County Clare, Ireland. Johanna Coughalin was baptized on February 9th, 1889 in County Clare, Ireland. At the time of the marriage, Patrick was living in NYC and Johanna in Rye."
So the baptismal dates are not necessarily their birthdates but are probably within a couple of weeks of their births at least.
Post #4:
Below is my research for the Coughlin and Hickey family line. I am placing it out here with hopes that someone knows more about them. 1. A Coughlin married a McManus in Ireland. 2. The Coughlin's had 16 children – Anna, Bridget, Daniel, Edward, James, John, Kathleen, Lena, Margaret, Mary Ann, Michael, Patrick, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy, and Johanna. 3. I know that Johanna Coughlin married Patrick Hickey in Rye, New York, on November 26, 1911. 4. Johanna Coughlin was born around 1889 in County Clare, Ireland and passed away sometime in 1971-1972 in Brooklyn, NY. I have found two different potential pieces of information for her year of death. I have seen Johanna’s name written in census information as Josephine T. Hickey. It is her in the census because all Patrick's and Johanna’s children are listed including my grandmother, Josephine Hickey. I am not sure if this is just the transcriber making it easier to write it or a misinterpretation of her name on the part of the census person. She is listed as Johanna on other years' census. I have found information that she immigrated to the U.S. in 1905 and that Patrick Hickey did in 1904. 5. I have been told that Margaret Coughlin, Johanna’s sister, immigrated to the U.S. before her and was a housekeeper in Rye, NY, for different families. I think that I found her on a census but am not sure if it is her. I do have her as a witness to Patrick and Johanna Hickey's wedding in Rye, New York. 6. Other information: I have a possible match on information for a Coughlin Family living in Co. Wexford, Ireland in the 1901 Irish Census. I am not sure if it is them. A lot of the names look like nicknames and the parents names are John and Bridget. 7. I do know that while Patrick Hickey was baptized in Whitegate, County Clare, Ireland, he may have actually been from Tipperary or lived there. Tipperary is indicated on what appears to be his WWI draft registration. His origins and locating his family in Ireland really evade me. 8. Michael Hickey was a witness to Patrick and Johanna's wedding in Rye, New York in 1911. My uncle advised me that Patrick did have a brother who lived in Woodside, NY. He may have been an NYC fireman. I also have have a sister by the name of Mary Hickey for Patrick. 9. I have my own handwritten notes from 1990. My Grandparents, Francis Robert McGuire and Josephine Hickey provided the following information:
-Patrick Hickey - b. Clare, Ireland, married Rye, NY; d. 1965 at the age of 81
-Johanna Coughlin - b. 1890, Clare, Ireland, d. 1972
-Children of Patrick and Johanna Hickey - Anna, Eleanor, Josephine, William, Margaret, Kathleen, Mary, Martin Hickey
Coughlin Family Children circa 1870-1890:
-16 children
-They were all from County Clare, Ireland.
-Children's names: Anna, Bridget, Daniel, Edward, James, John, Kathleen, Lena, Margaret, Mary Ann, Michael, Patrick, Stephen, Thomas, Timothy, and Johanna.
-The following are the children who ended up in Rye, New York: John, James, Stephen, Thomas, Anna, Bridget, Margaret, Kathleen, and Edward.
-The following are the children who ended up in New York City: Johanna and Lena
-The following children stayed in Ireland: Timothy and Mary Ann
-It is unknown what happened to the following: Daniel, Michael, and Patrick
10. Margaret Coughlin was known as Aunt Peg to my father's family. She worked as a domestic in Rye.
11. Stephen Coughlin - My uncle indicated that a Coughlin brother worked on a farm in Rye. I believe that I located Stephen Coughlin working as a gardener in a U.S. Census for this location.
12. A Martin Hickey was a sponsor for my grandmother’s (Josephine Hickey) baptism on November 15, 1915, at St. Anthony’s Church (153 Sullivan Street, New York). This may have been another of Patrick Hickey's brothers.
So do I have more information about the Hickey's and Coughlin's? Not really. I do have information about my own grandmother, Josephine Hickey McGuire. I have a copy of her baptismal certificate. She was baptized at an Italian Catholic Church in the Village (Greenwich Village). The original copy has the church named in Italian. A more current version of the certificate is in English. I have a copy of each. I have many photos of my grandmother also.
Post #5 - Whitegate, Ireland:
When I tried to find any information about Whitegate, County Clare, Ireland, I found that there are two Whitegates in this area of Ireland. Confusing? You bet. Now, Patrick Hickey was specific that he was baptized in Whitegate, Clare, Ireland as opposed to Whitegate, County Galway, Ireland. I suppose all of this remains to be seen someday. Here's my notes about the two Whitegates...........
I am making some quick notes here about Whitegate. It is the location where my great-grandfather, Patrick Hickey, was baptized. He is indicated as being from County Clare. I don't doubt that nor that he was baptized in Whitegate. This information is in his RC marriage record in Rye, New York at the Church of the Resurrection. What I have found is that Whitegate, County Clare, and Whitegate, Galway get confused for each other. Whitegate, County Clare is located 2 miles east by northeast of Mountshannon and about 7 miles east by northeast of Scarriff. Whitegate, County Galway is located 1 mile from Killimor (bologue) and about 6 miles from Portumna. The Whitegate in County Galway is about 20 miles from the Clare border. Another thing to make note of here is that Whitegate, County Clare should be in the Clonrush civil parish. Because I have found information that my Patrick Hickey was from County Clare, baptized in Whitegate but have found other references to Galway and Tipperary on his supposed WWI and WWII draft registration cards, I can only imagine that either he was not sure of what county he was from, and/or moved around and lived in several, or the transcribers thought that they knew it all and wrote it down their way. Patrick Hickey did have a thick Irish brogue so misinterpretation of what he said may have been likely. At this point, as I find information that could help me in the future, I write it down.

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