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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photos, Photos, Photos, and more Photos!

What do you do with a pile of loose photos?  My mom recently lent me a 8 1/2 X 11 sized manilla envelop with loose photos.  The title on the outside of the envelop says "Flanagan Pictures".  Many of the photos are unlabeled.  Some have the name of my grandfather on the back.  Other photos have an "x", yes an "x" on them indicating where Jack Flanagan (my great grandfather) is in the photo. 

You might think that "x" ruins the photo as it is on the front.  It kind of does but on the otherhand, I would not have known which person was Jack in the photo.  Who knows who some of the other people are in the photos?  The photos are of Jack hunting and fishing with his friends.  My mom does not think that any of the the other men are family members, except a few with my grandfather.

I'm not exactly sure how to present the photos.  I am contemplating my website but then I'm not able to easily reproduce them or allow others to download them.  Maybe a site is my answer.  I have done that for other purposes.  I will contemplate that and probably make the site semi-private or membership driven.  The membership would be free, of course, but at least I'd control the access to the photos.

Below are a few photos that I am sharing here. 

The first is of John "Jack" Francis Flanagan (his mother Kate called him Frank).  He's fishing, of course.  That was one of is favorite pasttimes.  His father was Patrick Flanagan (b.1834) Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland.  In all of the photos that I've found of Jack, he looks tall and rather skinny.  He seems to be taller than everyone else he was around.  His nose rather stands out on his slender face.  I found that nose with other Flanagan's of my lineage.  Jack's sitting at the bow of the boat in this photo.  I do not know who the two gentlemen are in the foreground.  I can guess that they are on the Napa River somewhere.

The next photo is of Ellen Maxwell Flanagan and her mother, Mary "Minnie" Elizabeth McLaughlin Flanagan.  The photo actually says on the back "Ellen Flanagan and Grandma Flanagan".  There is no year on the back side.  The photo does have "Fox Photos 942 Market Street, S.F." stamped on the back.  I must say that Ellen was quite striking in appearance.  She looks tall also.  It is hard to see Minnie's face in this photo but she was getting up there in years by this photo.

So, I will soon settle on a plan for my photos.........

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