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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Irish Mutt? No, It's My Pedigree

In recent months, I've been thinking to myself that I am such an Irish mutt.  I've got McGuire, Flanagan, Hickey, Coughlin, McLaughlin, Maxwell, Shaffrey, Gartland, Bellew, Kirwan, O'Brien, and Maguire in my blood.  What a combination.  It would appear that I am also a McGrath, McMahon, and maybe a few more.  The further back that I go, the more Irish I become.  While Maxwell may, in fact, be Scottish, they were living in Ireland so that makes them Irish, right?

I have been thinking though.  I need to scratch that word "mutt" out of the picture here.  What I am referring to is my Irish "pedigree".  Yes, my pedigree includes all of those who came before me in Ireland.  It's looking like I am about 70% Irish.  Do I look like I fit in there?  Probably.  I do look like a cousin who lives there.  Her parents find it pretty uncanny.

Am I descendant of Irish Kings?  I'm not sure and, frankly, really don't care much about that.  I do descend from hardworking, educated, some middle class, farmers.  Everyone appears to be Catholic too.   It is amazing how that has remained true for so many years.

So, if you find yourself to be substanially Irish, remember, you're not just a mutt, that's your Irish Pedigree!

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