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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hickey Family - Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City Circa 1940

On Wednesday, I posted a photo of my Hickey relatives.  There is so much to absorb from a photo that I've never seen before.  While I can say that I can spot my own Grandmother (Josephine Hickey McGuire) in the photo, I can't say that I have ever seen a photo of my great grandparents, Patrick and Johanna Hickey.  Now, I probably could pick them out of a line up if I had to.  I just can't get over how much my grandmother looked like her own mother.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say she was the spitting image of her mother.  It is almost uncanny.

Back Row:  Eleanor Hickey Fitzpatrick, Josephine Hickey McGuire, Martin "Marty" Hickey, Margaret "Marge" Hickey Ford, Fred Ford, Kathleen Hickey Daly, a Living Hickey; Front Row:  Anna Hickey Kennedy, Patrick Hickey (of Derrycon, Clare, Ireland), Johanna Coughlin Hickey (of Ballyvannan, Clare, Ireland), and William "Billy" Hickey - Photo is circa 1940, New York City or the surrounding area.
So, with only one of the above family member's still living, I have chosen to post this photo and not identify who the living Hickey is out of privacy.  While it may be somewhat of a compromised privacy since her photo is here, her name is not revealed.  I am considering myself still respecting her privacy here.

I am most taken by the likeness of Josephine and Johanna.  I have a few other photos of them including Josephine as she aged.  They are almost twins.  I am betting, however, that Josephine was considerably shorter than her mother at just about 5ft 1in.   Josephine was my Grandmother and I knew her.

What strikes me is that I've always been told that I looked like a Hickey.  As I glance over the faces of those in this photo, I at first disagree somewhat.  However, when I look at Patrick Hickey's face, I totally see it.  I do look like a Hickey while several of the family here favor their mother's side (Coughlin).

Now, if I could get my hands on more photos of Patrick I'd been in a great spot.  I love photos and thank my aunt for sending this "gift".  Here are a few more.............

Johanna "Mama"

Patrick "Popeye"

Johanna 1936

Patrick and Johanna July 1936
In the final photo above, I think that I spotted either the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building.  It looks like the rooftop was a place to hang out and take some photos.  Love it!


  1. Hi Patrick. My name is Colleen Leighton. Katherine O'Brien is my great aunt and her sister Bridget is my great grandmother. We have recently found Bridget's grave and erected a remembrance tombstone. Would you be interested in contacting me? We may be able to help one another with sharing of information with regard to the O'Brien geneaology. We have compiled and printed a small remembrance brochure about the O'Briens and their descendants who settled in New Zealand. I would willingly send you a copy by post if you are interested. Bridget's parents, Edmund O'Brien and Anne Gleeson died in their adopted country Australia and are buried at the Kyneton cemetery, Melbourne, Victoria. Kind regards, Colleen, Wellington, New Zealand.

  2. Hi Colleen, I've attempted to send you a private message via Google. I am a great great grandchild of Kate. I have been hoping to find some information about her.

  3. Note from Moderator: The above comments are not related to my Hickey like but instead to my O'Brien line.....Napa, Australia, New Zealand, Castleconnell, Ireland.

  4. Colleen, Please email me at The message does not appear to have made it to you.

    O'Brien's of Australia/New Zealand
    Hello Colleen, I'm the author of Mine, Yours', and the Other Guy's Genealogy. I think that you tried to post on my blog. I actually got the message but is was posted against my Hickey post from yesterday. I am a great great granddaughter of Kate Flanagan (Catherine Mary O'Brien). Kate was born in Castleconnell, Ireland in 1843. I have not been able to quite figure out where the O'Brien's were living in Australia and/or New Zealand. Letters from that time-frame elude to them possibly living in New Zealand. If we are talking about the same Kate O'Brien (and it sounds likely), her parents were Anne Gleeson and Edmund O'Brien. Kate met her husband, Patrick Flanagan, while he was moving around to various mining camps in Australia and New Zealand. His brother Michael was also there. They left Australia for San Francisco, California around 1870 and ended up in Napa, California. Does this sound at all familiar to you? An O'Brien brother visited from Australia to Napa in about 1909. I was able to retrieve a bit of Kate's birth record from Ireland but anything else was not found. I have not been there myself or hired anyone to truly look into the O'Brien's and Gleeson's in Ireland but would like to someday. I live near Sacramento, California (Northern California) about an hour or so from Napa. I think that I found the O'Brien's on a passenger listed into Melbourne in 1853 (I think that's the year but will check). Please email me at Thanks.

    1. I should say that I have not been to Castleconnell of the Clare Heritage Centre to do research but have been to Ireland before.