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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just like the Google search engine, is "the" search engine and research tool for genealogy. At least it's the most popular. I have to admit that I completely agree that searching for United States records for those individuals and family members who immigrated and lived in the U.S. is made so easy on Ancestry. I have had no problem finding relatives in a Census (at least one or two out of three year's worth of census). Sometime names are spelled completely wrong and that may throw the whole search off but then I'll try another year census and find the family and/or individual. Searching in NYC specifically has posed many challenges. I'm not always thrilled with the result but that's because there are so many Patrick Hickey's and Frank McGuire's for the timeframe that I'm searching. I suppose NYC was the most populated location in the U.S. circa 1870-1880.

So Ancestry is all that!? Well, maybe it is. I have had challenges searching using the world version. More in my next post.......

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