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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Networking and Message Boards on

When I initially joined, I did not fully make use of all of their networking tools. I had peeked at their message board system and found it to have way too much information posted in a rather unmanageable, unsearchable way. I skipped it for the time being.

Now, "member connect" on the other hand, I've been trying to utilize that since I spotted it on individuals on my tree. It's a great way to connect your tree into another without using the "hints" on Ancestry. In fact, there may not be a "hint" but member connect may show another tree with matching information. I try to take advantage of all hints including emailing those who appear to have family in common with me. I am cautious on those "hints" because they are not always correct information or even a match to my family.

About a month into to my subscription, I decided to start using the message board. I made posts about my family surnames. I have networked with a few people but for the most part it is not my first choice to network on Ancestry. That is something that could use some improvement.

I've also used another area within Ancestry to search for those seeking the same surnames. Under "My Account", "Edit Your Profile", "Research Interests", I've clicked on the little pencil to edit my interests. I had been using this area to search for those with common surname interests by clicking on one of my surnames. It looks like right now it has been disabled. I did find this was a great way to network but it looks like no more.

So how do you effectively network on Well, it keeps changing for me. I do wish Ancestry would improve their methods of networking and manage the message board more effectively.

I'll admit that I am a real go-getter when it comes to networking online. I do recognize appropriate etiquette, of course. Networking does produce results in researching your family tree. I have found that out with awesome results in some cases. One can't really do it on their own.

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