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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The State of New York - Vital Records

WARNING - Later Posts may have more updated information and discoveries but it is best to read them in order.

Are they kidding? A five month or more wait for two marriage certificates for people who were married in 1903 and 1911. I have exact dates, names, places, and I even have the certificate number for one of them. The State of New York must be kidding. The health department’s site suggests that you try the local registrar for the specific municipality for a quicker turnaround. Rye, New York, tells you to contact the state. I bet you’ll never guess where the City of New York tells you the check. Yes, the State of New York in all of its bureaucracy is like any other state. By the way, I live in California so I certainly know about red tape and pushing things off to a much future date. Can you say “The California State Budget”?!

Here I wait for some glorious information about my McGuire’s, Romaine’s, Hickey’s, and Coughlin’s. Let’s hope the wait is worth it. I noticed that they have not cashed the check yet. Can you imagine the pile of requests that they receive? I bet they’d make a lot of money if they would just satisfy these requests and cash those checks. Please!

By the way, did you catch that I’ve hit a wall with my family surnames of McGuire, Romaine (pronounced Roman), Hickey, and Coughlin? I am still so ever hopeful and determined to find my Irish and maybe Dutch ancestors up these lines. Wish me luck!

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