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Saturday, June 19, 2010

People not interested in Genealogy

So where you came from, or rather who you came from, can explain a lot about you. While your immediate family unit has the most influence over you while growing up and moving into adulthood, those extended family members are usually involved too. I have come across people who are not interested in their family tree because of past experiences with their immediate family unit and extended family. When bad things happen within the family, sometimes people shy away from their relatives. I can only imagine how people feel when multiple catastrophic or even uncomfortable events occur. I do say that exploring your family tree is a personal choice. If you explore back far enough and then drop down into cousins and other relatives, you may actually find some distant cousins that you do want to be around.

Adoption; now, that can be a different story, especially if you are the child of a parent who was adopted. That does make it hard to trace that line in your genealogy but hopefully not all lines. I do know someone who was adopted and as an adult she found her real parents. She has been able to find out why she was put up for adoption, their medical history, and actually build a relationship with them. That is amazing to me and wonderful. Her adoptive parents are still her "real parents" by the way.

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