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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Montello, WI, Connection

WARNING - Later Posts may have more updated information and discoveries but it is best to read them in order.

McLaughlin, Murtaugh, Daly, Cowley, McNamee, Quantius, Duffy, Reardon, and Dalton, are just a few names that I run across as I review my McLaughlin Cousin’s Family Line in Montello, WI. I looked up Montello, WI, online wondering why so many Irish left Newport, New York’s Irish Settlement for Montello. I am assuming there was land and jobs. The weather was probably about the same in Montello and Newport. I’d be interested in knowing a little more.

The surnames listed above are not my direct lines, except McLaughlin. Everyone else is a cousin aligning with my McLaughlin’s. The Montello, WI, connection is so interesting as several from my family tree emigrated there. I wonder what life was like in this location. I also wonder how many of those researching their Irish families in Montello have a connection to the Irish in Newport, New York. My McLaughlin’s certainly do. The migration path would be interesting to trace. I can trace mine. I wonder just how many other people took the same path. It would be considered a path less traveled probably.

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