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Friday, July 2, 2010

Are you looking for your ancestors in Newport, Herkimer County, New York?

WARNING - Later Posts may have more updated information and discoveries but it is best to read them in order.

This week has gone by so quickly with regular everyday life. My genealogy hobby has gotten some attention this week, of course. I had the opportunity to converse with someone who is interested in the Irish Families of Montello, WI, who originated in the Irish Settlement in Newport, Herkimer County, New York. While it does not appear that we are directly related, you never know if our families might have known each other. Let's just say there are enough McLaughlin's in both locations that it is likely. I provided him with some information sources that I have for searching in Newport, NY.

To start, there is or was a St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Newport, New York at the Irish Settlement. The cemetery is referred to as Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery. Before the church was there, the Catholics in the area went to St. John’s Church, Utica, New York. There’s a cemetery there too. Some of my relatives were involved in starting St. Patrick’s Church in Newport in 1834. I also see St. Mary’s in Little Falls, NY, indicated. Here’s a link to the history of the two parishes written by one of my McLaughlin relatives:

I have a few relatives buried in the Irish Settlement, Town of Newport, Cemetery at Old St. Patrick’s. Here’s link to apparently everyone who is buried there: I LOVE that someone put this online.

Here’s a link to the Town of Newport’s site online: – This page links to pretty much everything. I’ve listed individual links above to other pages off this main one since sometimes the links error out. If you go directly to the page, it works for whatever reason. From this page you can find lists of everyone buried in the Newport Cemetery and the St. John’s Cemetery. This is pretty cool although I have found some of the information is incomplete. I have found several of my McLaughlin’s and Maxwell’s buried at St. John’s.

The other site that I’ve reviewed is This site may be redundant.

I’ve had a hard time getting back to this site but the link still works: The bottom of the page has links to all of the surname page ranges by last name for Herkimer and Montgomery Counties.

I thought I'd post this while it was still fresh in my mind.


  1. The list of burials in the Newport Cemetery that you refer to in your post is NOT a complete list of everyone buried in that cemetery. As you already noticed, some of the information is incomplete. I am finding many cases where the stone lists two or more family members but only one of them appears on the list. Also, the list was made in the 1970's so anyone buried since then is not included.

    May I also recommend the Newport History Center

    And Newport Cemetery at

  2. Great! Thank you for sharing this information.